Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the exploration, extraction, recuperation, refining, processing of crude oils to produce various petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, heating oil , natural gas etc.

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineers work with geologists to comprehend the geologic formation and properties of the rock containing the oil.  Petroleum engineers apply the safest methods to extract the crude and monitor the overall procedure.  They are also involved in designing the equipment for overall process. Petroleum engineers depend intensely on computer models to reenact supply execution utilizing distinctive recovery methods.

Petroleum Engineering requires decent information of numerous other fields, for example, Artificial Lift Systems, Drilling, Economics, Formation Evaluation, Geophysics, Oil and Gas Facilities Engineering, Petroleum Geology, Reservoir Engineering, Reservoir Simulation, Well Engineering etc.  Analytical skills, Creativity, Interpersonal skills, Math skills, Problem-solving skills are the skills needed to become a successful Petroleum Engineer.

Job Profile

The petroleum Engineering is divided into three parts.


The upstream sector incorporates searching and extraction for potential underground or submerged raw petroleum and gaseous petrol fields and accordingly boring and working the wells that recuperates and brings the raw petroleum or crude natural gas to the surface.


The midstream includes the transportation by means of freight ship, oil tanker, pipeline, rail, truck and stockpiling of crude and refine petroleum products.

Downstream Sector

The downstream includes the process of refining, processing and purifying of oil raw petroleum. The field also includes the process of marketing and distribution. The downstream division achieves customers through items, for example, Asphalt, Diesel , Fuel oils, Gasoline or Petrol, Heating oil, Jet fuel, Kerosene, Liquefied Petroleum gas (LPG), Lubricants, Natural gas, Waxes etc.

Future Prospects

Heavy demand of oil based products and broadened part of these engineers require a decent number of trained engineers. Career prospects are very alluring in this division as oil organizations offer appealing packages to Petroleum Engineers. Organizations like Bharat Petroleum, HPCL, Indian Oil, ONGC, GAIL procure these engineers for oil exploration and related works.

Careers Related to Petroleum Engineers

  • Supervisor
  • Sales Engineers
  • Reservoir engineers
  • Processor
  • Petroleum refining
  • Petroleum geologists
  • Materials Engineers
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Industrial Engineering Technicians
  • Geoscientists
  • Drilling engineers
  • Completions engineers
  • Chemists and Materials Scientists
  • Architectural and Engineering Managers

Top Pharmacy Institute in Punjab

Top B.Pharma Colleges in Punjab – Universal Institute of Pharmacy is the top pharmacy institute in Punjab which is known for offering quality education in the field of pharmaceutical science. The institute have a team of dedicated and experienced staff which are known for providing the best level of education in the region. Institute also provide placement assistance to each student with the goal that students can learn necessary skills, which are assumed to be essential at the time of campus placement.

Top Pharmacy Institute in Punjab

Scope of Pharmacy

With the improvement of medical facilities, the accentuation of the pharmacist’s obligation has moved significantly. The correct use of medicines as mention prescriptions is also important.

top Pharmacy Institute in Punjab

A career in the field of pharma sciences is full of opportunities. Mention below is the area where a student can make his/her career:-

  • Analysis & Testing
  • Chemical production
  • Clinical Trials
  • Medicines Manufacturing Companies
  • Pharmacist in Govt. Hospitals
  • Private Pharma Companies
  • Quality Assurance
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Research and Development
  • Teaching Profession

Pharmacy Courses Available at Universal Institute of Pharmacy

Universal Institute of Pharmacy is one of the top B.Pharm Colleges in Punjab . It is known for offering best pharmacy education in Chandigarh and Punjab. The institute is also known for producing skilled pharma graduates. Right now the institute is offering B. Pharmacy a 4 years degree programme.

Eligibility Criteria

To get Admission in the pharmacy college course students must have pass 10+2 with Chemistry, physics, Math or Biology. Candidates who have passed diploma in pharmacy with PCI and AICTE approved institutions are also eligible.

Why Choose Universal Institute of Pharmacy?

Universal Institute of Pharmacy is providing proficient education to the students from all edges of the nation. There are numerous colleges in Punjab which are offering Pharmacy courses, but the main reasons to choose Universal Group of Institutions are:-

  • Qualified and Experienced Staff
  • Placement Assistance
  • Great Placement Records
  • Industry Visit
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Regular Practical and Training session

MBA College in Punjab

MBA College in Punjab

 Universal Business School the best MBA College in Punjab is an institute that aims at creating leaders in the spheres of management The Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme is affiliated to PTU and approved by AICTE, New Delhi. The MBA degree offered by Universal Group of Institutions stands in a class by itself. It is professional, very demanding, and highly successful Post graduate degree programme. MBA Programme proliferates today in response to the demand made for it by university graduates who decide that such a degree will enhance their career potential.

Universal Business School

The association of the student is aggregate, and guidelines of academic execution are to a great degree in light of necessities of corporate world. The interest for MBAs with respect to multinational and Indian organizational, business and financial elements has always outpaced the quantity of graduates accessible. Universal Group of Institutions keeps on searching for incredibleness in each part of its activities to transform the students into pioneers of tomorrow who will earn fame and respect for themselves as well as for their Institution and country.

Universal Business School

Department of business administration at Universal Group of Institutions offers a well structured placement service to its students. Counselling is given by faculty members on career choices and opportunities and what career trends are likely to be. The study of management is all about devising ways to manage the increasing complexities of the business process. UBS offers two year post graduate business management programme to prepare the students into the world of emerging managers.

Elective Specializations

Faculty Profile

Universal Group of Institutions has the most sincere and finest working personalities. Dedication, truthfulness and proceeding with compassion of our teaching force are mentally, sincerely converted into expanded accomplishment of students and satisfaction of all guardians discovering its way through each placement and appointment. The top notch personnel are accessible for teaching as well as for all round personality development.

Universal Business School


  • Business Application Software Lab
  • Communication Skill Lab
  • Administrators Club
  • Group Discussion & Business Debate Workshop
  • Management Association
  • Public Speaking Therapy
  • Audio Visual Theater

Interactive Learning Approach

The MBA Department has gotten inventive methodologies in its teaching methodology and student development.

MBA College in Punjab

All endeavours are coordinated towards setting up the students as the corporate experts. The students are given proficient training on:

  • Industrial Visits
  • Business Intelligence
  • Group discussion Skills
  • Guest Lectures
  • Lectures through Practical Demonstrations
  • Management Games
  • Mock Interviews
  • Personality Development Exercises
  • Soft Skills

Electronics & Communication Engineering in Punjab

Electronics & Communication Engineering in Punjab – The Electronics & Communication Engineering is a vividly changing and steadily developing branch of engineering. Modernization, introduction and a steadily growing base fill in as a firm foundation for the structure of the most recent development in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Electronics & Communication Engineering

The Department has well equipped laboratories with the latest of kits and equipment available so as to give practical hand on experience to our students. The equipment available in the labs is upgraded as an ongoing process so as to keep pace with the latest developments in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering. An exertion is made to prepare these students not only to become successful Electronics & Communication Engineers but also top notch professionals.

Electronics & Communication Engineering in Punjab

The department attempts constant endeavours to guarantee that learning of the faculty is also updated regularly by arranging Faculty Development Programs, Seminars in the college as well as by sending them to attend Conferences and Seminars at outside Institutions. The latest up gradation in the Faculty members is disseminated for the enhancement of the student’s knowledge. A number of papers of substance and contemporary relevance are contributed by the faculty as well as the students related to the upcoming trends in the field of Electronics and Communication engineering.

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Faculty Profile

Universal Group of Institutions in its pursuit of excellence has vigorously maintained an efficient, qualified, and world class faculty force. Their academic ranks, educational attainments and appointment status are par excellence. The Department has one of the most active and involved faculty. Most of them are M.Tech from reputed

Electronics & Communication Engineering


The Electronics & Communication Engineering department is well equipped with specialized laboratories which provide expertise and facility to work on electromagnetic compatibility, electronic circuit design and testing, embedded design, image processing, mobile communication, PCB design, VLSI design etc. The department has well settled Basic & Advanced Electronics, Digital Electronics, Analog Communications , Microprocessor, VHDL & simulation, Digital communications, Microwaves and Instrumentation labs.

The department is equipped with the following labs :

  • Analog Electronics Lab.
  • Control System Lab.
  • Digital Electronics Lab.
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab.
  • Electronic Measurement &Instrumentation Lab.
  • Electronics Devices and Circuits Lab.
  • Linear Integrated Circuits Lab

Best Electrical Engineering College in Punjab

Electrical engineering is one of the most demanding and diverse field of engineering disciplines.  Electrical engineering includes the study of electricity, electromagnetism and electronics for the improvement and maintenance of electrical devices for example Broadcast & Communication Systems, Electric Grids, Electric Motors, Electrical Distribution Systems, Medical Devices, Navigation Systems, and Power Generation Systems while remembering the Economic Feasibility, Safety, Sustainability and Quality of products.

Best Electrical Engineering College in Punjab

The Department of Electrical Engineering at Universal Group of Institutions has developed with time and it is one of the best electrical engineering colleges in Punjab. It is an AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) approved college and is affiliated to PTU (Punjab Technical University). The educational programs provide a solid foundation to the students of Electrical Engineering. The college has modern laboratory for students where the students can test electrical engineering ideas.

Best Electrical Engineering College in Punjab

The branch of Electrical Engineering offers program which have high notoriety in the Punjab and Chandigarh. The department has a team of dedicated and highly experienced staff known for providing quality education. In Universal Institute of Engineering & Technology, the branch of Electrical Engineering elevates the students to give profundity information of the subject. The educational programs have been intended to elevate the students to be proficient Electrical Engineers.  . The department has well equipped laboratory along with qualified, competent and motivated faculty and staff. Thus teaching learning process is a pleasure here.

Laboratories :

  • Electrical Workshop
  • Electrical Engineering Design and Drawing
  • Electrical Measurements and Instruments
  • Electronics and Microprocessors
  • Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
  • P.C. Maintenance and Repair Digital


Electrical Engineers are much popular in India. In the current years, from organizations to house electricity is needed everywhere. So, there is a huge demand of electrical engineer.  A engineers may work as:-

  • Acoustic Test Engineer
  • Automation and Process Technologies Engineer
  • CAD and Product Development Engineer
  • Computer Modeling Engineer
  • Electric Machine Design Engineer
  • Electrical Control Systems Engineer
  • Embedded Systems Engineer
  • Magnetic Recording Engineer
  • Telecommunications or Substation Field Engineer

Best Engineering College In Chandigarh Celebrated National Science Week

Best Engineering College in Chandigarh

Best Engineering College In Chandigarh

Universal Group Of Institutions celebrated National Science Week . The celebration was initiated by poster making competition before noon where students from different streams i.e. B.A, B.Sc (agri) and B.Com expressed their views in the form of posters based on the theme “science”.

The event was then followed by the declamation competition. The students expressed their thoughts on relevant issues.

In the post noon session, a special lecture was organised where Prof. S.K Kansal, S.S Bhatnagar University Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Panjab University. Chandigarh delivered an expert lecture related to Science for everyone. The seminar started with the lamp lightening ceremony and floral welcome of the most valued invited guest by the Head of Institution Dr. L.K Attri, which was then followed by the welcome note by Dr.L.K Attri where he felicitated the guest with his valuable words and shared his views regarding the event.

Prof.S. K Kansal shared his worthy knowledge about environment related problems and Dr Kansal highlighted the issues, causes, consequences and measures to curb the problem of paddy straw burning and the facts related to the same.

The winner students were awarded with gifts. The celebration was wrapped up with concluding remarks by Dr. L.K Attri and a Vote of thanks by Dr. Balbir Singh.

Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering is an interdisciplinary engineering branch which integrates the traditional classical fields of engineering like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, computer science engineering, control engineering, telecommunication engineering and system engineering.  Mechatronics is a designing process which incorporates this field of engineering. Initially, Mechatronics simply incorporated the combination of mechanics and electronics, but due to the growth of the technology in incorporates various other field of engineering.

Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics engineering combines the standards of mechanics, electronics and computing to produce an easier, more practical, user friendly and solid framework.  An industrial robot is an example of Mechatronics which helps in day to day activities.

Mechatronics may likewise be alluded to as the new tools of Automobile, Computer Aided and Integrated Manufacturing Systems, Computer Aided Design, Control System Techniques, Diagnostic, Engineering and Manufacturing Systems, Microcontrollers, Mobile Applications etc.

Mechatronics Engineering

Subjects and the Eligibility

10+ 2 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics is the minimum eligibility criteria to get in to the world of Mechatronics.   Mechanical Engineering and materials science, Computer engineering, Computer science, Electronic engineering, Optomechanics, Robotics, Systems and control engineering   are the few subjects Mechatronics engineers have to study during the course tenure.

Job profiles

Because of more concentrated utilization of cutting edge and latest technology in manufacturing process the demand of Mechatronics engineers is growing day by day. There is a huge requirement of Mechatronics engineers in the market.

Following are the job profiles where a Mechatronics Engineer grows his career:

  • Analysts
  • Robotics specialists
  • Robotics Systems Engineer
  • Robotics Technicians
  • Robotics Test Engineers
  • Systems engineer
  • Application engineer
  • Product development engineer,
  • Quality and safety engineer,
  • Research and development engineer,
  • Project supervisor and managers.

Jobs can also be found in fields like electronics, electrical, manufacturing, engineering, instrumentation, defense, mining, aerospace, automobile, robotics, tool design and aviation

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is one of the most demanding and intriguing profession. Aerospace engineering is the subject for the student who loves to learning about rockets, satellites, missiles, aircraft etc. It is one of the most challenging streams of engineering which includes the study of aircraft and spacecraft.

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering involved in the development of new technology field of aeronautics, defense systems, space etc. Aerospace engineering includes designing and manufacturing of high technology. Aerospace engineering involved in designing, development, testing and maintenance of the aerospace engineering systems.

It is divided in to two key branches – astronautical engineering and aeronautical engineering. Aeronautical engineering spotlights on how things fly in the atmosphere and it likewise manages designing and working of flying machine and rockets. Astronautical engineering underlines the study of space stations, rockets, space shuttles etc.

Courses and Eligibility

Students who are looking to grow career in the field of Aerospace engineering can opt for the following graduate level courses available in India.

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Engineering
  • Bachelor of Technology in Aeronautical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Technology in Aerospace Engineering

For admission in graduate level of courses students must have completed 10+2 examination with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Aerodynamics, Aerospace Structural Mechanics, Aerospace Structure Computing, Applied Mechatronics, Electrical and Electronics Circuits, Engineering Aerospace, Engineering Design, Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics, Flight Vehicle control, Fluid Mechanics, Numerical Analysis, Solid Mechanics Calculus, Solid Mechanics, Statics Propulsion Calculus, Thermodynamics, Vehicle Design are the subjects have to study during the course tenure.

Job Prospects

Aerospace engineers are in high demand in the field of designing of new products, including missiles, rockets, military & commercial aircraft, remotely piloted planes, drones & helicopters and spacecraft.

Over the last couple of years, India has emerged as the world’s largest arm buyers from major defence manufacturers such as USA, Israel, Russia, UK and France. The Ministry of Defence has taken various initiatives to make a significant growth path in the defence sector. The initiatives taken by the Government of India include increase in FDI, de-licensing of non-lethal and dual use items and a declared export strategy. With the announcement of “Make in India” campaign, sectors like defence and electronics manufacturing have picked up momentum.

Job Profile:

  • Aerospace designer checker
  • Aircraft production managers
  • Assistant technical officers
  • Mechanical design engineers
  • Quality Control Inspector
  • Thermal design engineers

B.Tech- Mechanical Engineering – Panel Discussion

A “Panel Discussion” for the students of B.Tech- Mechanical Engineering of Universal Institute of Engineering & Technology, Lalru was organized on 15th February 2017 within the campus.


The objective of this panel discussion was to explore the students to the industrial demand for recruitment and to aware them with the current scenario in industry. The theme was “Integrating Academia and Industry, and the Future of Engineering“. Mr. Vinod Kaushal, HR Head- High Tech Industries (Mohali) and Mr. Narinder Singh Wahla, GM-OPUS Collection Inc. were invited for this discussion.

B.Tech- Mechanical Engineering

The event started with welcome note by Mr. R. K Kapoor, Head Mechanical Engineering Department plus Dean Training and Placement Cell and followed by a college PPT by Mr. Munish Kainth- Asst. Prof. Mechanical Engineering Department in the presence of Ms. Prabhjot Kaur Jolly, Director Academics, Universal Group of Institutions and Dr. Swati Sharma- Principal, Universal Institute of Engineering & Technology.

Mr. Vinod Kaushal addressed the students and gave various tips for preparing for facing the interviews, he also guided the students how to prepare best resume for them. Mr. Wahla GM- OPUS Collection Inc discussed with the students for the various aspects of the Mechanical Engineering and he guided the students for facing technical interview. The event ended with the vote of thanks by Mr. Ravi Pratap Singh- Asst. Training and Placement Officer and giving mementos as token of appreciation to the guests.


Best Computer Science Engineering College In Punjab

Technical Workshop

A “Technical Workshop” for the students of Computer Science Engineering of Universal Institute of Engineering & Technology, Lalru, Mohali was organized within the college campus.

Best Computer Science Engineering College In Punjab


The objective of this Technical Workshop was to impart knowledge of Hardware & Networking among the students. The theme was “Hardware & Networking Training”. Er. Sachin demonstrate the student about the operation of networking devices and how to secure a network.


The workshop was an informative session. Wherein the basic components of hardware and networking were demonstrated and then the components were exhibited to the students to have a look and feel of it with a greater understanding of each. These lessons on components of computer hardware became more interesting with every component held at hand.

Universal Group Of Institutions

There was a live installation process of windows 7 which benefited the students with the basic knowledge on booting the system. Er. Sachin also demonstrated the assembling of the CPU with all its components. He briefed on the process of detecting virus and deletes them using the task manager . He also elaborated the features of the various kinds of CPU and RAM.

Universal Group Of Institutions

The students learn to install a new operating system and to assemble the CPU. The workshop ended with an open session where students clarified on various aspects of computer hardware and networking. In this way students gain immense knowledge on networks .In the end we would like to thanks worthy Chairman, Director Academics, Principal and all the dignitaries for becoming the part of workshop.