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Nowadays engineering is one of the most demanding subjects selected by numerous students as their professional career. Therefore the number of engineering colleges has expanded quickly. But to choose the commendable institutions is the thing that matters the most.

Universal Institutes of Engineering and Technology, Derabassi , Mohali is a notable and one of the top engineering College in Punjab. It is affiliated to Punjab Technical University (PTU), Jalandhar and approved by AICTE (All Indian Council of Technical Education), New Delhi.

Top Engineering College in Punjab

Why to Choose Engineering as Career?

Engineer” the word itself intends to get things happens. Engineering is a flexible career. There is no other profession that traverses such a variety of career option i.e. business, technology, agriculture, entertainment, health care etc.  There are assortment of engineering fields and trends that are making distinction in our lives for example:-

· Agriculture Engineering
· Chemical Engineering
· Civil Engineering
· Computer Science
· Electronics Engineering
· Mechanical Engineering
· Nuclear engineering
· Petroleum engineering

Scope of Engineering

With the advancement of technology, the demand of talented engineers is also expanding quickly throughout the nation and world. With enormous development and changes, the extents of employments and interest for professional engineers have gone high.

Industrial Visit

There is great scope of career in every branch of engineering. While selecting a branch, you ought to concentrate on what all you will ponder in a specific branch and pick a branch as per your interest and abilities.

Courses at Universal Institutes of Engineering and Technology

Bachelors Degree Courses in Engineering – 4 Years

· B. Tech (Civil Engineering)
· B. Tech (Computer Science and Engineering)
· B. Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
·  B. Tech (Electrical Engineering)
·  B. Tech (Mechanical Engineering)

universal engineering college

Universal Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) is built up in 2009 approved by AICTE and affiliated to I.k. Gujral Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar. Universal Institute of Engineering and Technology is outfitted with the best facilities to confer satisfactory level of specialized skills and knowledge to prepare the students for confronting the difficulties of present day businesses and industries. With the foundation of Universal Group of Institutions, Universal Institute of Engineering and Technology got to be the one of its main constituent institutions and is currently on its approach to accomplish higher benchmarks in Engineering Education.

Universal Institute of Engineering and Technology

Universal Institute of Engineering and Technology has profoundly qualified faculty and staff members, acoustically composed classrooms and well equipped & maintained laboratories which help in making learning joy. Universal Engineering College is offering B. Tech and in various disciplines: – Civil, EE, ME, CSE, ECE etc. The reputation of the Universal Engineering College, judged by the placement capability of our students and noteworthy accomplishments of illustrious alumni, by any stands, is excellent.

With a recognized history of scholarly accomplishment and a yearning motivation for the future, Universal Engineering College offers you a learning background institution in a rich instructive legacy and supported by forefront exploration and innovations. Presumed to be one of the finest institutions, Universal Engineering College offers an all encompassing arrangement of instruction that is regarded by numerous organizations looking for the finest ability.


Universal Institute of Engineering and Technology centres to confer itself, for conveying the most ideal educational experience and learning chances to state the standard and to satisfy their future objective.


“To provide education that transforms ideas into action, opportunities into global advantage and capabilities into successful career and dreams into realities.”

Courses Offered

Trends Seat Duration
Computer Science & Engineering(CSE) 18 2 years
Elect. & comm. Engineering(ECE) 18 2 years
Mechanical Engineering(ME) 18 2 years
Civil Engineering(CE) 18 2 years

 B. Tech

Trends Seat Duration
Mechanical Engineering(ME) 120 4 Years
Civil Engineering(CE) 120 4 Years
Elect. & comm. Engineering(ECE) 120 4 Years
Computer Science & Engineering(CSE) 120 4 Years
Electrical Engineering 120 4 Years

Placement Cell at Universal Institute of Engineering and Technology

Universal Institute of Engineering and Technology always gives priority to training, personal growth and placements, keeping these things in mind mentors at Universal Institute of Engineering and Technology have implement training and placement cell. The cell is directed by experienced professional from the Industry.

The remarkable highlights of the programmes are:-

  • The training and augmentation programs gone through whole course span.
  • Includes Industry based modules of communication skills, personality development, aptitude, logical reasoning and foundation courses.
  • Includes workshops and guest lectures.
  • Organise industry specific mock test, group discussion, interviews etc.

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computer science engineering institutes near chandigarh

Engineering Institutes Near Chandigarh

Computer Science and Engineering involved in planning, designing, management, and maintenance of both hardware and software. A computer engineer has expertise in the hypothesis of computation and design of computational frameworks. The course gives a foundation in the fundamental arithmetic of sets, computing logic, relations and grammars.

Engineering Institutes Near Chandigarh

Branch of Computer Science and Engineering involved providing students a diagrammatic overview of computing, concept, standards and aptitudes in the application, augmentation and practical involvement in applied computing. Special accentuation is laid on the principles of computation, computing framework design, execution and utilization.

Computer Science and Engineering

After Successfully completion of the B.Tech degree in Computer Science & Engineering program from Universal Institute Of Engineering and Technology you can have numerous opportunities.  You can works as a Programmer, Web developer, Database Administrator, Network Engineer and so on.

Computer Science and Engineering

A variety of focus areas allow each student to customize his earning to target a wide variety of career options such as:

  • Applying Computational Techniques to solving problems in other basic and Applied Science (physics, chemistry, biosciences, electrical engineering, etc.)
  • Bioinformatics
  • Commercial Software Development
  • Developing Scientific and Mathematical Software
  • Embedded Systems
  • Emphasis on CISCO Labs
  • Emphasis on live projects C++, JAVA, C#, VRML, XML etc.
  • Exposure to new Technologies like ATM Tech., Neural Network and Expert System
  • Extensive Work Experience on Unix, Linux and Window 2000 Platforms
  • Imbibing scientific Temperament and Moral Values
  • Industrial Process Control
  • IT and Mathematics Applications in Finance
  • IT-assisted Education
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Performance Tuning in Computer Networks
  • Research in Computer Science
  • System Software Development such as Device Drivers and Operating System.

best engineering stream

B.Tech course in Punjab

Engineering students are blessed. They are not only lucky to have attractive salary packages but they also have wide variety of engineering streams to choose like  Aerospace, Health and Safety, Marine, Chemical, Civil, Computer Hardware, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, Biomedical, Materials, Mechanical, Mining and Geological, Mining Safety, Electronics, Nuclear, Petroleum, Agricultural etc.

Engineering Stream

If you want to become an Engineer you have to enlist for an Engineering Degree Programme. In India there are numerous engineering colleges and Universities which are offering Engineering courses.  Some of them have online chat facilities. You may visit the website of the institutions and ask the representative in any query you have. Here is the list of some of the best engineering stream to choose in 2017.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is core and one of the oldest branches of Engineering. Civil Engineers are the actual person who is involved in to development modern society.

Civil Engineering College In Punjab

They are involved into design, construction and maintenance of Dams,  Roads, Bridges, Express ways, Water ways,   Navigation, Irrigation, Highways, Airports etc.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is also one of the core branches of engineering and requires overwhelming metal and vigorous work. This sector is everlastingly and there is huge demand of Mechanical Engineers in the industry who is involved in substantial metal work.

best engineering College of Punjab

In India railways, metro, Automobile, Shipping industry is growing. So, there is a huge scope for Mechanical Engineers.

Electronics and Communication Engineering

This is the zenith of the core electrical and communication engineering. In India mode of communication is increasing day by day.

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering deals with Electromagnetic Compatibility, Electronic Circuit Design and Testing, Embedded System Design, Image processing, Mobile Communication, PCB design, VLSI design and so on.

Computer Science Engineering

It is one of the most demanding streams of engineering in India. Computer Science Engineering is the study of the hypothesis, experimentation and engineering that frame the reason for the design and utilization of computer.

Computer Science Engineering


Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is also one of oldest branches of engineering. Electrical Engineering deals with the study of f electronics electricity and electromagnetism and its application.

Electrical Engineering

Electric engineers may work as Chief Electrical Engineer, Design Engineer, Distribution Engineer, Energy Transmission Engineer Power Systems Engineer and so on.


engineering courses future prospect

Engineering is an expansive term that covers an extensive variety of applications and businesses. Consolidating mathematics, science and technology, engineers deliver imaginative solutions for genuine issues. Therefore there are a wide range of engineering courses accessible.

Engineering Courses

Previously, engineering could be isolated into four noteworthy branches: Mechanical, Chemical, Civil and Electrical, with sub branches of each teach. But right now many options are available if a student’s wants to become an engineer for example Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biomechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Robotics engineering, Microelectronic Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Photonics Engineering, Ceramics Engineering etc.

Here is the list of some of the most demanding engineering courses offered by the Best Engineering Colleges in Punjab:-

Civil Engineering

It is one of the oldest branches of engineering. It includes the development of framework, for example, general construction work, Railways, Roadways, buildings, Apartments, Malls, Offices, and Bridges etc.  Civil Engineers may work in the both private and public sectors. This is an extremely wide engineering degree.

Engineering Courses

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Technology and Micro electronics have changed the life of human being. Latest mobile phone technology that fits in our pocket has a great impact on our day to day activities. Electronics and communication engineers are involved in designing and developing electronics devices.

Mining Engineering

A mining Engineering degree includes study of extraction of raw material from the earth in a protected, economical, eco friendly manner.  Mining Engineers are involved in mining machinery design & development, mines construction etc.

Computer Science and Engineering

It is one of the most demanding engineering courses in Punjab.  This includes the study of computer science and electrical engineering.  Computer science engineering can works as Telecommunications Engineer, Networking Engineer, Software Developer, Web Developer, Cyber security Engineer, Cloud Computing Engineer etc.

Industrial Engineering

There is a huge requirement of Industrial Engineers in manufacturing industries.  Industrial Engineers involved in increase of productivity, reduce waste and cost. Numerous new companies will hire Industrial engineers to help make their business more productive.

There is a huge list of engineering courses offered by the Punjab Engineering Colleges. We will discuss it in the next post.

become successful engineer

What is engineering?

If you have studied 10+2 Non-Medical then Engineering would be the oblivious choice of career that would have been in your mind while you had chosen your subjects after 10th (Matric). Engineering is considered to be branch of science & technology where you as student tend to undergo learning to apply the laws of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics that you must have studied during your 10+2 class. Engineering has always been the most preferred career option among the students but there has been a constant changes in choice of streams according to the changing job scenario.


Why to choose engineering?

If you have the zeal to work or develop new technologies, then engineering is the right career for you. The stream of engineering as a career takes you through the in-sight of the process which is required to be followed for developing a new technology or product. As an engineering student, you will undergo training in all the aspects of Product Design which includes understanding the future needs, planning, designing, implementation, testing and marketing.

Civil Engineering

The road-map to be an Engineer

If you have decided to be an engineer then choosing the right stream is the most crucial decision that you will be taking. You are advised to choose the stream which interests you and the popular one. The popular streams among the students are Computer Science, Mechanical, Civil and Electronics and Communication.

Electrical Engineering

But with the increasing demand of the specialized engineers, some institutions and universities have designed specialized programs with blend of subjects from the traditional or core areas. Some of the specialized engineering programs that have gained popularity among the students include Automobile Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Information Technology and Mechatronics. Irrespective of the stream you choose, the subjects taught in first year are common.

Polytechnic courses

You will study subjects which include Applied Physics, Chemistry, Applied Mathematics and in-order to introduce you with all the different fields of  engineering,  you will undergo learning one subject each from different streams of Engineering. Like Fundamentals of Programming from Computer Science, Elements of Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Drawing, Elements of Electrical Engineering.

Criteria for Selection of Stream

The best and simple criteria to choose stream in engineering is based upon your liking of core subjects that you have studied in 10+2 that is PCM (Physics Chemistry and Mathematics). If you have zeal to study Physics, then Electronics and Communication, Electrical Engineering are the streams you should go for. But if you have strong knowledge about the combination of Physics and Mathematics, then the branch of Civil and Mechanical Engineering is what you should opt for.

For only Mathematics then Computer Science is the stream while liking for Chemical Engineering is the stream if you have strong understanding of Chemistry subject. You will study more subjects combination depending upon the stream you choose. For example As a Computer Science Engineering student, you will study more Mathematics subjects than any other engineering stream.

best computer science engineering college in punjab

Technical Workshop

A “Technical Workshop” for the students of Computer Science Engineering of Universal Institute of Engineering & Technology, Lalru, Mohali was organized within the college campus.

Best Computer Science Engineering College In Punjab


The objective of this Technical Workshop was to impart knowledge of Hardware & Networking among the students. The theme was “Hardware & Networking Training”. Er. Sachin demonstrate the student about the operation of networking devices and how to secure a network.


The workshop was an informative session. Wherein the basic components of hardware and networking were demonstrated and then the components were exhibited to the students to have a look and feel of it with a greater understanding of each. These lessons on components of computer hardware became more interesting with every component held at hand.

Universal Group Of Institutions

There was a live installation process of windows 7 which benefited the students with the basic knowledge on booting the system. Er. Sachin also demonstrated the assembling of the CPU with all its components. He briefed on the process of detecting virus and deletes them using the task manager . He also elaborated the features of the various kinds of CPU and RAM.

Universal Group Of Institutions

The students learn to install a new operating system and to assemble the CPU. The workshop ended with an open session where students clarified on various aspects of computer hardware and networking. In this way students gain immense knowledge on networks .In the end we would like to thanks worthy Chairman, Director Academics, Principal and all the dignitaries for becoming the part of workshop.

computer science engineering department celebrated international womens day

International Women’s Day

Computer Science Engineering department with the spirit of celebrating womanhood commemorated International Women’s Day. The day was celebrated by organizing a seminar on theme for this year: “Be bold for change”.

Computer Science Engineering

The occasion was graced by Master Bikram S. Thapa who is 6th degree blackbelt. He enlightened the students on the importance of martial arts in our day to day life. He motivated the students, especially girls to learn self defense.

Universal Group of Institutions

The seminar was followed by a workshop on self defense. The students learned some basic skills of kick boxing, Karate and Taekwondo. At the end of the program, Ms. Prabhjot Kaur Jolly, Director Academics and Dr. Swati Sharma, Principal UIET honored the guest and thanked him for teaching self defense skills to students.

Universal Group of Institutions

Dr. Gurpreet Singh, Chairman, Universal Group of Institutions who has always been torch bearer in women empowerment also appreciated the efforts put in by the faculty in organizing such workshop for students.