Industrial Visit To Nahar Group Of Companies

Department of Engineering and Technology at Universal Group of Institutions had arranged an industrial visit of Nahar Group of companies for UG students of Mechanical Engineering. The visit was organized with the prior permission and guidance of Hon. Principal Dr. Swati Sharma and Coordinator of Mechanical Engineering Department, Mr. Munish Kainth.

Industrial Visit Universal Group Of Institutions

Details of Visit:

Nahar Group of company Is India’s one of the largest Yarn and cotton woven garment manufacturing company. This is having the state of the art of cotton garment manufacturing and testing facilities. The company manufactures a variety of products like cotton knitted garments include T-Shirts and Track and woven garments portfolio includes Shirts, Trousers, Suits, and Denims.

Students visited the Cotton Processing Unit No. 2.  After a warm welcome by company officials, Mr. Kavaldeep Verma (HR Dept.) briefed regarding the company and its product for half an hour.

Plant Manager assisted us during the visit and explained entire Cotton processing and testing process in details. Students visited the Design, Raising, Scouring, Calendaring, Bleaching, Shrinking, Dyeing, Testing and Printing sections and observe the complete manufacturing process of Cotton.

Students understood the technical aspects of manufacturing yarn of varieties of designs, quality and the working of the machines being used for production. The production planning and scheduling activities were found interesting by the students. They also collected information on the company’s efforts on product innovations, productivity improvement and cost reduction. They enhance their knowledge about the safety regulations and practices being followed.

The session was concluded with Question- Answer session. Many of the students asked different questions to the Technical Head on current demanding technologies, market scenarios etc. and he cleared all the doubt and myths which was in students mind about the technologies. All students were satisfied after the session.

It was an informative, interesting and a Successful visit. Department express thanks to the Technical Head and all team members of Nahar Group of Companies, Who spent their valuable time for students.


Electronics & Communication Engineering in Punjab

Electronics & Communication Engineering in Punjab – The Electronics & Communication Engineering is a vividly changing and steadily developing branch of engineering. Modernization, introduction and a steadily growing base fill in as a firm foundation for the structure of the most recent development in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Electronics & Communication Engineering

The Department has well equipped laboratories with the latest of kits and equipment available so as to give practical hand on experience to our students. The equipment available in the labs is upgraded as an ongoing process so as to keep pace with the latest developments in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering. An exertion is made to prepare these students not only to become successful Electronics & Communication Engineers but also top notch professionals.

Electronics & Communication Engineering in Punjab

The department attempts constant endeavours to guarantee that learning of the faculty is also updated regularly by arranging Faculty Development Programs, Seminars in the college as well as by sending them to attend Conferences and Seminars at outside Institutions. The latest up gradation in the Faculty members is disseminated for the enhancement of the student’s knowledge. A number of papers of substance and contemporary relevance are contributed by the faculty as well as the students related to the upcoming trends in the field of Electronics and Communication engineering.

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Faculty Profile

Universal Group of Institutions in its pursuit of excellence has vigorously maintained an efficient, qualified, and world class faculty force. Their academic ranks, educational attainments and appointment status are par excellence. The Department has one of the most active and involved faculty. Most of them are M.Tech from reputed

Electronics & Communication Engineering


The Electronics & Communication Engineering department is well equipped with specialized laboratories which provide expertise and facility to work on electromagnetic compatibility, electronic circuit design and testing, embedded design, image processing, mobile communication, PCB design, VLSI design etc. The department has well settled Basic & Advanced Electronics, Digital Electronics, Analog Communications , Microprocessor, VHDL & simulation, Digital communications, Microwaves and Instrumentation labs.

The department is equipped with the following labs :

  • Analog Electronics Lab.
  • Control System Lab.
  • Digital Electronics Lab.
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab.
  • Electronic Measurement &Instrumentation Lab.
  • Electronics Devices and Circuits Lab.
  • Linear Integrated Circuits Lab

MBA College in Punjab

MBA College in Punjab

 Universal Business School the best MBA College in Punjab is an institute that aims at creating leaders in the spheres of management The Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme is affiliated to PTU and approved by AICTE, New Delhi. The MBA degree offered by Universal Group of Institutions stands in a class by itself. It is professional, very demanding, and highly successful Post graduate degree programme. MBA Programme proliferates today in response to the demand made for it by university graduates who decide that such a degree will enhance their career potential.

Universal Business School

The association of the student is aggregate, and guidelines of academic execution are to a great degree in light of necessities of corporate world. The interest for MBAs with respect to multinational and Indian organizational, business and financial elements has always outpaced the quantity of graduates accessible. Universal Group of Institutions keeps on searching for incredibleness in each part of its activities to transform the students into pioneers of tomorrow who will earn fame and respect for themselves as well as for their Institution and country.

Universal Business School

Department of business administration at Universal Group of Institutions offers a well structured placement service to its students. Counselling is given by faculty members on career choices and opportunities and what career trends are likely to be. The study of management is all about devising ways to manage the increasing complexities of the business process. UBS offers two year post graduate business management programme to prepare the students into the world of emerging managers.

Elective Specializations

Faculty Profile

Universal Group of Institutions has the most sincere and finest working personalities. Dedication, truthfulness and proceeding with compassion of our teaching force are mentally, sincerely converted into expanded accomplishment of students and satisfaction of all guardians discovering its way through each placement and appointment. The top notch personnel are accessible for teaching as well as for all round personality development.

Universal Business School


  • Business Application Software Lab
  • Communication Skill Lab
  • Administrators Club
  • Group Discussion & Business Debate Workshop
  • Management Association
  • Public Speaking Therapy
  • Audio Visual Theater

Interactive Learning Approach

The MBA Department has gotten inventive methodologies in its teaching methodology and student development.

MBA College in Punjab

All endeavours are coordinated towards setting up the students as the corporate experts. The students are given proficient training on:

  • Industrial Visits
  • Business Intelligence
  • Group discussion Skills
  • Guest Lectures
  • Lectures through Practical Demonstrations
  • Management Games
  • Mock Interviews
  • Personality Development Exercises
  • Soft Skills

MBA Career Opportunities and Best Programs

The MBAMaster of Business Administration is a post graduate degree in business management. The MBA program began in the USA in the middle of twentieth century. The MBA program offers various specializations for example, Accounting, Agri-business, Corporate Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Hospital Management, Human Resources Management, Information Technology, International Business Management, Marketing, Operation Management, Strategy etc.


Before bouncing to the determination that a MBA degree is the correct decision for you career, stop and ask why MBA?

The typical reasons behind doing an MBA program:

  • Attractive Salary Package.
  • Provide superb employment opportunities.
  • Social Respect.

In any case, so as to seek after a Master of Business Administration and to feel satisfied, we should take a more intellectual view:

Why to pursue a MBA program

  • Dynamic Profession
  • Flexibility
  • Imaginative Standpoint
  • Networking in the market
  • To increase the value of yourself
  • Personal Growth
  • Entrepreneurship

Jobs after a MBA Programme

When you know why we need a Master of Business Administration degree, we ought to be set up with a learning base of employments that require this degree. Customer relations, Counselling, Business Analysts, and System Analysis might be an aspect of your responsibilities. Here are the lists of some more career option after Master of Business Administration programme:-

Banking and Finance: This incorporates portfolio management, venture analysis, security etc. These occupations are available with financial organizations, insurance companies, banks, security firms etc.

Information System Management:  This programme is suitable for the students who love technology. The candidates with updated knowledge of technologies serve better to the organisation. Expert in this field provide an intensive cost analysis to utilization of the correct technology while working with budgetary and administrative departments.

Investment Banking: It is a very challenging and demanding sector. Investment bankers needs to associate speculators to support requiring associations.

Management Consulting: This type of jobs is suitable for problem solver. They help to solve organizational problems with new ideas.

Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering is an interdisciplinary engineering branch which integrates the traditional classical fields of engineering like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, computer science engineering, control engineering, telecommunication engineering and system engineering.  Mechatronics is a designing process which incorporates this field of engineering. Initially, Mechatronics simply incorporated the combination of mechanics and electronics, but due to the growth of the technology in incorporates various other field of engineering. Mechatronics Engineering Mechatronics engineering combines the standards of mechanics, electronics and computing to produce an easier, more practical, user friendly and solid framework.  An industrial robot is an example of Mechatronics which helps in day to day activities. Mechatronics may likewise be alluded to as the new tools of Automobile, Computer Aided and Integrated Manufacturing Systems, Computer Aided Design, Control System Techniques, Diagnostic, Engineering and Manufacturing Systems, Microcontrollers, Mobile Applications etc. Mechatronics Engineering Subjects and the Eligibility 10+ 2 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics is the minimum eligibility criteria to get in to the world of Mechatronics.   Mechanical Engineering and materials science, Computer engineering, Computer science, Electronic engineering, Optomechanics, Robotics, Systems and control engineering   are the few subjects Mechatronics engineers have to study during the course tenure. Job profiles Because of more concentrated utilization of cutting edge and latest technology in manufacturing process the demand of Mechatronics engineers is growing day by day. There is a huge requirement of Mechatronics engineers in the market. Following are the job profiles where a Mechatronics Engineer grows his career:

  • Analysts
  • Robotics specialists
  • Robotics Systems Engineer
  • Robotics Technicians
  • Robotics Test Engineers
  • Systems engineer
  • Application engineer
  • Product development engineer,
  • Quality and safety engineer,
  • Research and development engineer,
  • Project supervisor and managers.

Jobs can also be find in fields like electronics, electrical, manufacturing, engineering, instrumentation, defense, mining, aerospace, automobile, robotics, tool design and aviation