Law Colleges in Punjab To Pursue Law Courses

Universal Law College is one of the best Law Colleges in Punjab. The institute is approved by Bar Council of India. The college is known for proving best law courses in the region which are B.A.LLB and LLB. LLB is a 3 years course and B.A.LLB is a 5 year’s course and the student can enroll for the courses after 10+2 Exam.

Law Colleges in Punjab

The College of law was built up to provide legal education and to lead major research in the field of law. Universal Law College is one of the best college for LLB in Punjab and it also attracts students from the neighbour states like Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. The department of law at Universal Group Of Institutions is intended to promote excellence in research, teaching and learning methodology. The knowledge of Law is helpful in an assortment of perspective. It qualifies a man to be helpful to himself, to his neighbours and to people in general.


Universal college of law expects to give an atmosphere in a nearby setting with creative and engaging in teaching methodology, comprehensively seat stamped educational module, very much qualified staff, and key associations in research. Universal Law College offers specializations tuned in to the requirements of enterprises and research, empowering students to have the chance to encounter the rich learning.


There are different territories of specialization in this field which one can browse like corporate law, work law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, global law and duty law. The law degree got by a person in this stream can likewise be valuable in some different fields like scholastics, business or legislative issues.

Career Prospect

Law as a career is most demanding in India. There is a huge demand of Legal Advisor because of the changing social and financial conditions. After completion of a law a student can grow as:

  • Administrative Lawyer
  • Civil Lawyer
  • Civil Litigation Lawyer
  • Criminal Lawyer
  • Document Drafting Lawyer
  • Family Lawyer
  • Government Lawyer
  • Legal Advisor
  • Legal Analyst
  • Legal Journalist

Civil Engineers – Architects of Modern World

Civil Engineering is a field which is confined to planning and execution of futuristic projects in the construction industry. As the world progresses new technologies have been introduced in the field of construction and Civil Engineering that has led to creation of modern day marvels that have turned out to be stamp of the progressive society. Due to rapid industrialization and urbanization the demand for trained professionals in the field of Civil Engineering have increased over a period of time.

Civil Engineering Colleges In Punjab

According to a recent survey conducted by Government of India, the various infrastructure development projects planned which have been proposed to be completed by 2021 would create 1.2 million new jobs in the sector of Civil Engineering.

Civil Engineering

The Evergreen field of Civil Engineering has always been in demand as many Multi-National companies like DLF, Caterpillar, L&T , Jaypee , GMR , have ventured into public private partnership to develop various infrastructure such as Airports , Flyovers , National Highways , Railway  Stations , Shopping Malls. The government has proposed to invest Rs. 64000 Crores in the infrastructure to develop world class facilities in the country during the current Financial Year. As a result there would be a jump of 52% in number of jobs in the Civil Engineering sector during the next five years. As a student if you have an inclination towards the field of Designing then Civil Engineering offers lucrative career options after 10+2.

Civil Engineering

The various career options after completing four year Under Graduate degree in Civil Engineering comprises of:-

  • Building Control Surveyor
  • Consulting Civil Engineer
  • Contracting Civil Engineer
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Pattern Attorney
  • Site Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Water Engineer

Apart from private sector companies the Civil engineers can avail employment opportunities in public sector departments such as P.W.D. , NHAI , BRDO , Indian Railways , DMRC etc.

Best Engineering Stream to Choose in 2017

Engineering students are blessed. They are not only lucky to have handsome salary packages but they have wide variety of engineering streams to choose like  Aerospace, Health and Safety, Marine, Chemical, Civil, Computer Hardware, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, Biomedical, Materials, Mechanical, Mining and Geological, Mining Safety, Electronics, Nuclear, Petroleum, Agricultural etc.


If you want to become an Engineer you have to enlist for an Engineering Degree Programme. In India there are numerous engineering colleges and Universities which are offering Engineering courses.  Some of them have online chat facilities. You may visit the website of the institutions and ask the representative in any query you have. Here is the list of some of the best engineering stream to choose in 2017.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is core and one of the oldest branches of Engineering. Civil Engineers are the actual person who is involved in to development modern society.

Civil Engineering College In Punjab

They are involved into design, construction and maintenance of Dams,  Roads, Bridges, Express ways, Water ways,   Navigation, Irrigation, Highways, Airports etc.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is also one of the core branches of engineering and requires overwhelming metal and vigorous work. This sector is everlastingly and there is huge demand of Mechanical Engineers in the industry who is involved in substantial metal work.

best engineering College of Punjab

In India railways, metro, Automobile, Shipping industry is growing. So, there is a huge scope for Mechanical Engineers.

Electronics and Communication Engineering

This is the zenith of the core electrical and communication engineering. In India mode of communication is increasing day by day.

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering deals with Electromagnetic Compatibility, Electronic Circuit Design and Testing, Embedded System Design, Image processing, Mobile Communication, PCB design, VLSI design and so on.

Computer Science Engineering

It is one of the most demanding streams of engineering in India. Computer Science Engineering is the study of the hypothesis, experimentation and engineering that frame the reason for the design and utilization of computer.

Computer Science Engineering


Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is also one of oldest branches of engineering. Electrical Engineering deals with the study of f electronics electricity and electromagnetism and its application.

Electrical Engineering

Electric engineers may work as Chief Electrical Engineer, Design Engineer, Distribution Engineer, Energy Transmission Engineer Power Systems Engineer and so on.


Polytechnic Courses In Punjab

Education is the basic building block of any human being. One ought to be engaged to get an astounding career and specialty it likes never before. In our country there are a large number of students whose dream is to get specialization in the field of engineering and technology. Be that as it may, because of intense competition and seat constraint it turns out to be truly hard for them to get enlisted with the engineering degree. But nowadays there are many options available for the students. Polytechnic courses, is the best choice in these circumstances. This program gives students a chance to join a degree course in the second year of engineering.

Polytechnic courses

In diploma course a student can learn the basic concepts of engineering in various subjects like IT, Computer science, Electrical, Civil, Electronics, Mechanical, Electronics and Communications, and Civil. The degree programme helps students to learn advance subjects of engineering and practices. The greatest advantage of this programme is that it provides the favourable condition to get admission perceived engineering institution. There are numerous local and private engineering colleges that offer seats for diploma students.

Polytechnic courses

In Punjab there are many engineering colleges that offers polytechnic education for the students who need to set up their career in the field of technology. Universal Polytechnic College one of the best Polytechnic College in Punjab offers quality education. Institute also arrange guest lecturers from noticeable organization that help students to enhance their engineering skills.

Polytechnic courses

Taking admission to the polytechnic courses is the most reasonable, promising and compelling approach to begin the effective profession in the field of engineering. The courses are of 3 Years and divided in to six semesters. Toward the culmination of these programmes, students can have numerous doors welcoming them to fire up a safe, brilliant and prosperous career.

Technical Workshop on 3D Drawing via AUTO CAD For Civil Engineering Students

Civil Engineering is an engineering discipline that involved with the design, development and maintenance of the naturally and physical built surroundings including works like buildings, roads, canals, dams, bridges, express ways, airports, navigation etc. It is one of the oldest engineering disciplines.

Civil Engineering

Universal Institute of Engineering and Technology had conducted a “Technical Workshop on “3D Drawing via AUTO CAD” for the students of Civil Engineering.  AUTO CAD is a professional computer aided design and drafting software application develop by Autodesk. The event was held on March2, 2017 and the Venue was Seminar hall of the Universal Group of Institutions.

Civil Engineering


The aim of this workshop was to improve skills of civil engineering students in the engineering drawing. The drawings involved by using this software are isometric drawing in 3D.

Details of the Event:

    • Department of Civil Engineering at Universal Group of Institutions in association with CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) Centre organised a workshop on three dimensional drawing.
    • Around 30 students participated in the workshop.
    • The workshop focused on the creation of design plans for buildings and structures in 3D design.
    • Sunny, Business manager, CADD Centre beautifully explained the concept of three dimensional drawing to all the students.
    • In the end, a small token of honour was presented to Mr. Sunny by Ms. Kshipra Gupta, HOD CE, and Universal Institute of Engineering and Technology with the faculty members.

Civil Engineering


The students got the knowledge of the importance of three dimensional drawing in the field of Civil Engineering.