NSS Day Celebration

Universal Group of Institution Celebrated National Service Scheme (NSS) Day on 26th Sep 2017 though the day is celebrated on 24th September every year.  The main objective of the event was to give students the introduction about NSS and to encourage them in taking part in various community services according to their own will. This enhances the personality of students and helps them to understand the community in which they will work.

NSS Day Celebration

In this event, the introduction about NSS was given by Mr. Munish Kainth, NSS Officer. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar & Mr. Rajdeep Singh, Member, NSS Cell also shared some words with the students on the reflection of NSS. The students were also told about the previous semester activities and forthcoming activities to be done by NSS Cell.


As per the motto “Not Me But You”, a student must understand the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service and appreciation of the other person’s point of view and also to show consideration for fellow human beings.

24th Sep is celebrated every year as NSS Day with appropriate programmes and activities. We celebrated the same on 26th Sep 2017 in UIET.

In this event, the introduction about NSS was given through power point presentation by Mr. Munish Kainth, NSS Officer. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar & Mr. Rajdeep Singh, Member, NSS Cell also shared some words with the students on the reflection of NSS. The students were also told about the previous semester activities and forthcoming activities to be done by NSS Cell.

Details of the Event:

The complete development of a person not only includes education, sports and personality development but also include the social development. In today’s era, social quotient (SQ) has more importance than the intelligent quotient (IQ). The activities in NSS help a person to increase its SQ. Students were told about the NSS activities through power point presentations by Mr. Munish Kainth, NSS Officer, UIET.

The presentation includes:

  1. Introduction to NSS
  2. Objectives
  3. Importance of Symbol of NSS
  4. Coverage areas of NSS all over India
  5. Significance of Motto of NSS
  6. Classification of various activities in NSS
  7. Awards in NSS
  8. Activities under NSS in Last Semester
  9. Forth coming activities under NSS


  1. An environment of selfless service was created and the students were encouraged to do such kind of activities.
  2. Students get aware about the importance of NSS activities.
  3. Various students were found interested for doing NSS activities as selfless volunteers.


This type of event is important in order to give the students a push in order to come forward as volunteers for doing various social activities. This will helps in overall development of them and ultimately lead them to become a better person.

Industrial Visit to Central Scientifics Instruments Organization (CSIR – CSIO) Chandigarh

CSIR - CSIO Chandigarh

On 26th September 2017, CSE/ECE/EE/Applied Science department of Universal Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) organized an Industrial visit to Central Scientifics Instruments Organization (CSIR – CSIO), Chandigarh.

CSIR - CSIO Chandigarh

The total students (150+) were acquainted with emerging technologies. Under the guidance of  Dr. Amod Kumar(Chief Scientist and head) and Mr. Upendara students  were made aware about skills required for jobs 3-D printers, Fiber/Laser Optics based Sensors & Instrumentation,  Analytical Instrumentation, Advanced Materials based Transducers etc.

CSIR - CSIO Chandigarh

Large number of instruments ranging from simple to highly sophisticated ones, have been designed and developed by the Institute and their know- hows have been passed on to the industry for commercial exploitation. Students got to know about the recent projects and services are currently working on that helped them to have exposure of environment of industry and their work culture.

Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear engineering is the branch of engineering deals with the utilization of the fission as well as fusion of nuclear nuclei or the use of other sub-nuclear material science, in light of the standards of nuclear material science. Nuclear fission incorporates the communication and maintenance of frameworks like Nuclear power plants, Nuclear reactors or Nuclear weapons. The stream also incorporates the study of medical and different uses of nuclear fuel, radiations, nuclear safety, thermodynamics transport and other related technology.

Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear engineers are the professionals who play an important role to make this world a better place to live by implementing the power of atom. They apply their aptitude of science, material science, and engineering to handle social and ecological issues with the help of nuclear energy and radiation in the field of agriculture, power generation, medicine, manufacturing etc.


To influence a prospering career in the field of nuclear science, a student must have a valid nuclear engineering degree from recognized university. Any 10+2 pass student with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, can eligible to take admission for nuclear engineering courses. To get admission in engineering colleges for nuclear engineering courses a student must have to qualify the entrance examination conducted by various universities. Applied Radio Chemistry Engineering, Design in Nuclear Engineering, Elements of Nuclear Science and Engineering, Materials Science, Mechanics of Materials,   Neutron Physics, Principles of Environmental Science, Thermodynamics are the major subject which has to study in nuclear engineering.

Career Prospects

Candidates with a valid nuclear engineering degree can discover different profession alternatives in public and private sectors. National labs, Medical equipment Companies, Nuclear steam supply companies, constructions companies, and Electric utility industries,  health and medical research, food and water safety sectors, transportation companies hires nuclear engineers for various research level works.  Sufficient experience and propelled education gives better employment offers in the field of education and research at various institutions and labs, in India and abroad.

Job Profile

A student with nuclear engineering degree can work as Nuclear Engineers, Health and Safety Specialist, Instrumentation and Control Engineer, Lectures, Process engineer, Professors, Project manager, Quality engineer, Reactor operator, Researchers etc.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineers are in charge of designing, assembling and responsible for managing the entire process of developing public and private facilities.  Constructions of roads, expressway, dams, bridges, shopping mall, tunnels, airports, water treatment plants are the few example of Civil Engineering.   It is additionally the duty of these engineers to supervise the overall performance and execution of the projects and also provide the guidelines to the personnel who involved in the project.  While these engineers have enormous obligations to keep, there are such a significant number of other great motivations to become civil engineers.

Civil Engineering


There are various courses offered by Indian institutions and universities in the field of Civil engineering.

Diploma in Civil Engineering

It is a 3 years course in the field of Civil Engineering, a candidate must have passed class 10th from government recognized board to get admission in diploma level courses.

B.E or B.Tech in Civil Engineering

It is a 4 years bachelor degree program offered by various institutions in India. Candidates who are willing to take admission in B.tech courses must have pass class 12th from government recognised board and must have physics, chemistry, Maths as the main subjects.

M.Tech in Civil Engineering

It is a 2 years post graduate programme in the field of civil engineering.  Candidates who are willing to take admission for M.tech courses must have a valid degree in engineering from the government recognised University.

Civil Engineering

Career Scope

There is immense demand of Civil Engineers in India. The demand of Civil engineers would get a lift as our country is ready to update its infrastructure.  So, the career scope is very bright. The engineers involved in Civil Engineers may work in both private and public sectors. The profession opens a considerable measure of chances in various government offices. Civil Engineers are utilized in all significant development ventures did by government organizations. A noteworthy opening for qualified structural engineers is additionally in military where they can make crucial commitment to the security of the nation. Last however not the minimum you can set up your own particular building consultancy.

Job profile

  • Coastal and Ocean Engineer
  • Construction Engineer
  • Earthquake Engineer
  • Environment Engineer
  • Hydraulic Engineer
  • Material Engineer
  • Site Supervisor Engineer
  • Transportation Engineer
  • Urban Planner Engineer

Top Companies

Larsen and Tubro , Ajay Kadam Association, Vadakar and Associates, Antant Access , Subhash projects and Marketing Ltd., Balaji Railroad Systems Ltd., Simplex Projects Ltd., Dr. Kelkar Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Expert Technology , Associated Engineering, RDS Projects Ltd., Gammon India Ltd., Potential Consultants , Hiranandani Construction Pvt.Ltd., IVRCL Infrastructure & Projects Ltd., Nircon Engineering Consultants, Jaypee Group,Macro Marvel Infrastructure Corporation Ltd.

PRAGATI Scholarship for Girl Students for Technical Education in India

To give consolation and support to Girl Child to study technical education “Pragati Scholarship” has been propelled by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) from the year 2014-15 and executed by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

PRAGATI Scholarship

Pragati Scholarship is a plan of AICTE went for giving help to Advancement of Girls participation in Technical Education in India. Education is a standout amongst the most vital methods for enabling women with the learning, expertise and self-assurance important to participate completely in the development procedure. This is an endeavour to give each young woman the chance to further her education and get ready for an effective future by “Empowering Women through Technical Education“.

PRAGATI Scholarship

Remarkable Features of the Pragati Scholarship Scheme:

  • Number of grants per annum: 4000
  • ‘One Girl’ per family and it can be extended for 2 Girl Child for each family where the family wage is not as much as Rs. 8 Lakh per annum.
  • The applicants will be chosen on merit at the qualifying examination to pursue technical education.
  • The applicants ought to have been admitted to first year of the Degree or Diploma program in any of the AICTE approved institutions and selected through the centralized admission process conducted by the Government.
  • Amount of grant: Tuition Fee of Rs. 30000 – or at genuine, whichever is less and Rs. 2000 every month for ten months as miscellaneous every year.
  • Reservation-27% for OBC, 15% for SC, 7.5% ST candidate.
  • Out of the aggregate number of grant in each plan, fifty percent grants are accessible at every Degree / Diploma level and furthermore transferable in case of non-accessibility of qualified candidate in any of the of Degree/Diploma level Program.

Documents Required for Pragati Scholarship

  • Copies of mark sheet of standard 10th/12th.
  • Copy of Family Income Certificate.
  • Copy of admission letter to Diploma / Degree course.
  • Copy of Tuition Fee Receipt.
  • Copy of Bank Pass Book indicating account number IFSC code.
  • Certificate issued by the Director/Principal/Head of the Institution.
  • Copy of AADHAR card
  • Copy of SC/ST/OBC Certificate if applicable.