Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a type of Internet-based computing techniques that relies on shared computer processing and provides information to computer and different other computing devices. It is a model for empowering pervasive, on-request access to a mutual pool of configurable processing resources (e.g., computer networks, storage, servers, services, application), which can be quickly provisioned and discharged with insignificant administration exertion.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing permits the clients and ventures with different capacities to store and process their information in either exclusive cloud, or on an third party server keeping in mind the end goal to make information getting to components substantially more simple and solid. Information centers that might be situated a long way from the user–ranging in separate from over a city to over the world.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is practically identical to grid computing, a kind of computing technique where unused processing cycles of all computers in a system are outfits to tackle issues excessively escalated for any n solitary machine. The term “Cloud Computing” signifies “a kind of Internet-based processing,” where distinctive services — for example, computer networks, servers, storage, application services — are conveyed to an association’s computer   Cloud Computingand gadgets through the Internet.

Hence, Cloud computing imparts qualities to Client–Server Model, Cloud Sandbox, Computer Bureau, Dew Computing, Fog Computing, Grid Computing, Mainframe Computer, Peer-to-peer Architecture, Utility Computing and so on.

Cloud Computing displays the accompanying key qualities:

  • Agility for Organizations
  • Cost Reductions
  • Device and location Independence
  • Enables Multitenancy
  • Improves Reliability
  • Increased Productivity
  • Maintenance of Cloud Computing Applications
  • Performance Monitor

Future Prospects

Cloud computing jobs are rising day by day. According to a recent analysis, the international cloud computing market needs huge numbers of professional. More than 3 lakh job opportunities in India are expected in this field. An engineer with 5 to 6 years of experience, can earn around 12-15 lakh annually. Popular job profiles are:-

  • Cloud Business Analyst
  • Cloud Consultant
  • Cloud Programmer
  • Cloud Network Architect
  • Cloud Network Engineer
  • Cloud Product Manager
  • Cloud Project Manager
  • Cloud Sales Executive
  • Cloud Software Engineer
  • Cloud Systems Administrator
  • Cloud Systems Engineer


B.Ed College in Chandigarh

B.Ed College in Chandigarh – Universal College of Education is one of the best colleges of Punjab that offers various courses in the field of education like ETT, B.Ed, M.Ed. All courses at the institution are approved by NCTE, New Delhi & Government of Punjab. Universal College of Education is the best B.Ed College in Chandigarh and Punjab and also known for delivering awesome result every year.

B.Ed College in Chandigarh


At Universal College of Education, it is our aim to provide an exemplary path to budding teachers for their future success. We do this by providing them firm grounding in requisite skills and knowledge that, we believe, will result in them striving for teaching excellence, and in becoming exceptional leaders who will transform the realms of education.

Universal College of Education

Courses Offered

Elementary Teacher Training (ETT)

Universal College of Education provides diploma in Elementary Teacher Training. ETT gives opportunity to those students who passed only 12th in any stream to become a primary teacher. Our teacher’s education curriculum has been designed to ensure that pre-service teachers develop the competencies required by proficient master teachers.

Universal College of Education

Eligibility Criteria

Candidate should have passed 12th in any stream.

Duration No. Of Seats
2 Years 100

Bachelors in Education (B.Ed.)

 Universal College of Education provides B. Ed which is 2 year degree programme in teaching. B. Ed degree is must for getting into teaching profession at the school level.  The minimum qualification required for entry into B. Ed course is B.A, B.Sc, and B.Com.

Universal College of Education

Eligibility Criteria

Candidate should have passed graduation in any stream.

Duration No. Of Seats
2 Years 100

Masters in Education (M.Ed.)

Universal College of Education provides M. Ed which is 2 year degree programme in teaching.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidate should have passed B.Ed. / Post graduation degree in any stream.

Duration No. Of Seats
2 Years 35

Why to choose Universal College of Education?

Teacher’s education curriculum has been designed to ensure that pre-service teachers develop the competencies required by proficient master teacher.

Universal College of Education

A modern-teaching methodology is adapted to enhance competencies of pre-service teachers.  Following are the main highlights for Choosing Universal College of Education:-

  • Career Oriented Programme
  • Good Placement Record
  • Experienced and Dedicated Faculty
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Wi-Fi Campus
  • Personality development Test
  • Guest lectures

Big Data – Computer Science Engineering

Big data is a huge term it can be defined in various ways. In simple term we can say that it is a process of handling large data in an organization. A professional usually faces many problems in managing data like analysis, capture, data curation, information privacy, querying, search, sharing, storage, transfer, updating, visualization, fintech, business informatics, urban informatics etc.

Big Data

Big Data helps a professional by managing this task in a systematic manner. Big Data can be portrayed by the qualities like Volume, Variety, Velocity, Variability and Veracity.

Big Data

The terminology “Big Data” frequently alludes essentially to the utilization of prescient examination, client conduct analytics, or certain other propelled information data analytics techniques that concentrate an incentive from information, and at times to a specific size of informational index.A Big Data Scientist is a business employee who is responsible for handling and statistically evaluating large amounts of data. Large Data created in last 3 yrs. has led to development of Big Data Technologies.

Big Data

Why is Big Data Important for Companies?

The importance of big data doesn’t revolve around how much data you have, but what you do with it. You can take data from any source and analyze it to find answers that enable 1) cost reductions, 2) time reductions, 3) new product development and optimized offerings, and 4) smart decision making. When you combine big data with high-powered analytics, you can accomplish business-related tasks such as:

  • Determining root causes of failures, issues and imperfections in near-real time.
  • Generating coupons at the purpose of offer in view of the client’s purchasing propensities.
  • Recalculating entire risk portfolios in minutes.
  • Detecting fraudulent behavior before it affects your organization.

Career Prospects

Information is more abundant than ever. Day after day, the flood of data is growing at exponential rates.

Big Data

To manage this huge amount of data, India would require at least 2.5 lakh Big Data professionals by 2018. Organization hire professional under following job titles:

  • Analytics Associate
  • Big Data Analyst
  • Big Data Analytics Architect
  • Big Data Analytics Business Consultant
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Big Data Solution Architect
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant
  • Metrics and Analytics Specialist.

Pay Package

Entry level pay for data analytics professional is Rs. 6-9 lakh while its Rs. 5-8 lakh for big data professionals. A chief data scientist, with about 10-15 years of exp. can earn about Rs 50 lakh pa.Top companies like Alteryx, Ayata, Bluefin Labs, Centrofuge, Datameer, Domo, FICO, GoodData, IBM, ITrend, Jaspersoft, Karmasphere, Microsoft, Opera, Oracle, Panaroma SoftwarePentaho, Platfora, Quid, Saffron, Teradata, TIBCO, Tracx etc. are utilizing Big Data for their business need.


Designing the Futuristic Machines as a Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering College In Chandigarh

Mechanical Engineering is a field which concerns study and designing of machines. Due to rapid industrialization, there was surge in need of specialized engineers who could not only work on existing machines but also can perform research to develop & invent new machines. The engineers known to be Mechanical Engineers were responsible to create engineering marvels for other fields like Civil Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering and Automobile Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering

With Government of India going for a major push through Make in India campaign, the manufacturing Industry in India will get a major boost. According to a survey, it is estimated that more than 1000 manufacturing companies who have already started their manufacturing units in different states of India. As a result more than 1 million new jobs will be added in next 5 years.

mechanical engineering

Considered to the oldest engineering, Mechanical Engineers have always been in-demand in both Public and Private Sector. As a civil engineer you can easily find job in Government departments such as PWD (Public Works Departments), NHAI, Railways, Defence Forces and Civil Aviation.

Mechanical Engineering

The evergreen field of Mechanical Engineering has always been popular among the engineering aspirants. As a student if you have an inclination towards the field of manufacturing & designing then Mechanical Engineering offers lucrative career options after 10+2. Automobile Engineering, Robotics and Power Engineering are some of the common specializations that you can choose in your final year of mechanical engineering.

The various career options after completion of 4 year B.Tech. Degree in Mechanical Engineering includes:

  • Acoustics engineer
  • Automotive engineer
  • Building systems engineer
  • Chief mechanical engineer
  • Cryogenics engineer
  • Design engineer – mechanical
  • Heating specialist engineer
  • Lubrication engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Mould design engineer
  • Nuclear engineer
  • Power plant engineer
  • Robotics engineer
  • Thermal power engineer
  • Tool engineer
  • Tribologist

Civil Engineers – Architects of Modern World

Civil Engineering Best Colleges in Punjab

Civil Engineering is a field which is confined to planning and execution of futuristic projects in the construction industry. As the world progresses new technologies have been introduced in the field of construction and Civil Engineering that has led to creation of modern day marvels that have turned out to be stamp of the progressive society. Due to rapid industrialization and urbanization the demand for trained professionals Civil Engineers in the industry have increased over a period of time.

Civil Engineers

According to a recent survey conducted by Government of India, the various infrastructure development projects planned which have been proposed to be completed by 2021 would create 1.2 million new jobs in the sector of Civil Engineering.

Civil Engineering

The Evergreen field of Civil Engineering has always been in demand as many Multi-National companies like DLF, Caterpillar, L&T , Jaypee , GMR , have ventured into public private partnership to develop various infrastructure such as Airports , Flyovers , National Highways , Railway  Stations , Shopping Malls. The government has proposed to invest Rs. 64000 Crores in the infrastructure to develop world class facilities in the country during the current Financial Year. As a result there would be a jump of 52% in number of jobs in the Civil Engineering sector during the next five years. As a student if you have an inclination towards the field of Designing then Civil Engineering offers lucrative career options after 10+2.

Civil Engineering

The various career options after completing four year Under Graduate degree in Civil Engineering comprises of:-

  • Building Control Surveyor
  • Consulting Civil Engineer
  • Contracting Civil Engineer
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Pattern Attorney
  • Site Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Water Engineer

Apart from private sector companies the Civil engineers can avail employment opportunities in public sector departments such as P.W.D. , NHAI , BRDO , Indian Railways , DMRC etc.