Welcome To Universal Law College

Universal Law College is affiliated to Bar Council of India. It aims to provide an ambience in a local setting with innovative and engaging teaching methods, globally bench-marked curricula, well qualified faculty, and key partnerships in research. It offers LLB & B.A-LLB. Universal Law College offers specializations in tune with the needs of industries & research, enabling students to have the opportunity to experience the rich knowledge.

Universal Law College provides many opportunities for lawyers, policymakers and related professionals. Education lawmakers and policymakers may advocate for fairness in education, poor and underprivileged students, students with disabilities and other special cases. They may create laws to eliminate gender or cultural bias in standardized testing, classroom learning, class projects and other assignments.

Courses Offered


Course NameDurationNo of seats
B.A LLB5 Years (Integrated Course)120 seats
LLB3 Yrs.120 seats

Eligibility Criteria For B.A LLB:


♦ 45% aggregate in 12th.

Eligibility Criteria For LLB:


♦ 45% aggregate in Bachelors.

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