What is the last date for admissions in engineering colleges?

Hey Guys!!! Whats up!!! Hope you have gotyour favorite college during the course of admissions in the engineeringbranch. After passing class 12th the biggest problem is to get agenuine college to fulfill the dreams which you have seen for yourself and yourfamily. Students do lots of research in order get best engineering college intheir preferred branch. Engineers are the building blocks of the nation and theresponsibilities of the upcoming generations always stay at the shoulders ofthe engineers because they have to become the technocrats of the new era.

Universal Group of Institutions has all thecourses of graduation and post graduation in which engineering is one. Thestudents were applying for the courses of engineering like Computer science,Electronics and Communication, Civil and Electrical Engineering. If you arealso looking to get admission in the mentioned subject then feel free to get intouch. Below mentioned are the details of the streams or braches of engineeringso that you could have some idea about it

Electronics and Communication: This stream deals with the studyof data communication and transmission. Hence if you love with this conceptthen you can enroll yourself for this course from the best Engineering Collegein Punjab which is none other than universal group of institutions

Computer Science: This is the most demanding course in themarket and here the students get a chance to learn about the concept ofinformation technology. On a daily basis, we are interacting with the newapplications so if you are also willing to join this interactive world thenthis branch will be perfect for you

MechanicalEngineering: Under this branch, the study andanalysis of machines are done. The machines which are used in industriesstudents come to know about the same. Those aspirants who wish to shape theircareer in this stream then best Engineering College in Punjab is waiting foryou.

CivilEngineering: The world is much inclined towards thearchitecture and construction to give a shape to the society. Hence if you arewilling to join this sector then civil engineering can opted. The era iscompletely revolving around the construction line and this is the right time tomake career in this stream. Our team is there to support you in regards to themore details about the field.

ElectricalEngineering: This branch deals with the study ofwiring, current flow, power transmission, etc. Hence all those talents who arewishing to be the part of the Electrical department then you can apply for thecourse.

The college is offering the course ofB.Tech and M.Tech in the mentioned streams and even if you are searching foradmission through lateral entry then that facility is also available. Alldiploma holders will get direct admission in the 2nd year of the respectivecourse of their diploma. Hence if you are searching for best B.Tech College inPunjab or Best M.Tech College in Punjab, Universal group of institutions is theonly platform which will justify all your requirements in a proper way. Onlymatch your eligibility criteria before applying for the course of your choice.If in case of any kind of query do not hesitate in contacting us.

In the premises, you will not able to get achance to grown on an academic level but also get an equal opportunity to showyour talents in other activities like Sports, Arts, Cultural Events, etc. Oureducational hub is a center which provides the awareness amongst students aboutthe happenings across the globe. Hence if you are still giving pain to yourfingers for the search of Best Engineering College in Punjab then apply onlinefor admission. The last for the admission was 31st July 2019.

The college has provided best placements in all the mentioned streams with attractive packages which has not only made the career of the students but also given a hope of opportunities to the new students. The college has changed the way of thinking and shifted the level of education at a new horizon. All their jobs are really commendable and also working as an inspiration for all other educational hubs.

Our support channel is always open for the assistance. Hence in regards to any query, just browse the website and post your queries. We are also reachable via calls and emails. We always hope for the best career and hence wishing you all the best for the future. Stay Tuned for all the other updates.

How to Choose the Right Engineering College

The session of board examinations are going on and lots of students are in tension for their higher studies. Those who are aiming to become an Engineer are still waiting to find a way and looking for the answer to the question which is roaming in their minds and that is “how to choose the right engineering college”? Their concern is very genuine because now their whole life is going to depend on this choice only. So this article is being written to solve all your queries, and with the calm mind just follow the instructions which are being provided.

We at Universal Group of Institution ensure proper growth and development of the student by taking out their best possible outcome but one-sided this decision could not be made; we need you to be focused and share your best area of interests with us. 

Now let’s begin the steps for “how to choose the right engineering college”?. Before making any decision, think about the choice of your engineering stream. For example: If you are having interests in Computers and loves be the part of Information Technology then you can opt for Computer Science Engineering, or if you are want to associate yourself with the Architecture world then Civil Engineering will be the best for you. Hence in this way best on your choices, you can decide on the best-suited engineering stream. Other engineering streams are like Mechanical Engineering which deals with machines, Electrical Engineering which deals with electricity & current flow, and Electronic & communication engineering which deal with communication world of mobile. Hence based on your state of mind and area of interest you need to choose stream which suits you best.

After choosing the engineering stream, now check out the list of best engineering colleges and start categorizing them based on your choice of stream. Checklists will be like:

  • What kind of placement was provided in last sessions?
  • Which companies had visited in the last session?
  • What were the strengths of that particular stream in previous sessions?

Hence after collecting answers, you will get a filtered list of colleges based on your selection. Sometimes, you must see any college on the top list but it may possible that they have not performed that well in your stream hence analysis based on selected stream is mandatory. Hence beware of this.

Post that, list down your criteria and priorities in regards to college. Check the environment, locality, facilities etc so that you could have a sense of idea about the comfort zone of yours. Also, check out the fee structure which includes all costs like college, hostel, and transportation. Universal group of institution believes that a healthy environment and peace of mind are mandatory for study, so we guide you to check out infrastructure and compare it with your priorities. If all suited then next step can be taken.

After completion of general inquiries check out the minimum score needed by the college or universities and compare with yours. Make sure you could get admission in the college of your choice hence you must fulfill the criteria of scores required.  This should be in your mind from very initial stages so that by doing hard work you can achieve a good score in intermediate and get a desirable college.

Post completion of marks comparison analysis, check out whether you are eligible for scholarships or not, lots of institutions provide scholarships to talented students hence if you think you can get a scholarship based on your marks and other criteria then do check that as well. Scholarships are being given based on talent and IQ level of student and indirectly students get financial relief on large scale. So do your best in studies and try to achieve scholarships

Hence after following all the above steps, one can easily get the right engineering colleges which will enlighten their career by grooming in each field. Universal group of the institution is one of the best engineering colleges in Punjab Chandigarh and getting admissions from all over India and the world. Hence if you are also searching: How to get the right engineering college then follow the guidelines and if Universal group institution fulfills your demands then do not hesitate to call and get all the required information. We wish you good luck for the upcoming future. We will happy to serve you. Keep connected for all latest updates

civil engineers making world a better place to live


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Civil Engineers

Termed as one of the oldest and evergreen branch of engineering, Civil Engineering has been amongst the most sought after careers by the engineering aspirants. Civil Engineering as a branch has contributed towards development of the world and transforming it into smart cities. Technological advancements has lead to development of new techniques which are used to construction  of world renowned Infrastructural marvels, historical monuments, bridges, dams, etc.

Civil Engineers

After possessing a professional degree in Civil Engineering, there are abundant career opportunities available in fields both in government and private sector. Specializations such as Geo-Information System, designing and construction, space management, town planning, modern architecture and roads & highways constructions helps in adding new dimensions to the career of Civil Engineers.

There are multiple areas where a Civil Engineer can find placement after completing his or her degree and job profiles such as contract Civil Engineer, Site Engineer or supervisor, Water Engineer, Environmental Consultant are some of important positions in Industry where there is requirement of professionally trained and experienced civil engineer. Although it’s preferably good to gain job experience and knowledge about the Industry-relative workings yet a student can opt for entrepreneurship in the field of construction industry by setting-up their venture who can apply for various contractual jobs in government sector.

During the first year of Civil Engineering, the students would undergo academic learning about the basic engineering techniques along with mathematics and engineering design. The students would be focused towards core subject areas such Fluid Mechanics, Soil Mechanics, Design of Structures, and Structural Mechanics and water recourse engineering during the later semesters of the engineering program. As the syllabus of Civil Engineering has been updated with advancements in technology, the students are also partly exposed to subjects like Transportation Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Water Resources EngineeringRemote Sensing, Transportation Systems Engineering etc.

A civil engineering degree will provide good number of opportunities in industry as India is developing its infrastructure at a very fast pace. Projects such as Smart Cities would add to requirement of professionally trained engineers in this field and it is estimated that about 3.5 million Civil Engineers are required by 2022.

civil engineering universal group institutions

Department of Civil Engineering in Universal Group of Institutions focuses on education in the areas of structural and environmental engineering. The departmental activities embrace planning, design, construction and management. The civil engineering department is equipped with all facilities of teaching and research activities related to pedagogical approach.

Civil Engineering

Learning of civil engineering works with newer methods have been a continuous process. Attention to high rising buildings, express ways, bridges, water ways, navigation, irrigation, highways, airports, dams and so on so forth is the outcome of continuous progress in the research and technical knowhow of the civil engineering works.

Newer methods are proposed to improve the life of the projects and the economy in implementing the process.

Civil Engineering

This progress has been going on with the research work and the test conducted in the laboratories for their feasibility. The department of civil engineering in Universal Group of Institutions has been established to give an exposure to budding civil technocrats to various challenges in the profession. The students imbibe theoretical concepts in classrooms, while practical exposure is ensured through hands on experience in the labs and guest lectures by experts from industry.


All laboratories have been provided with complete range of equipment’s and apparatus which are required in training the B.Tech students of civil engineering. Student learns a lot and acquires a sound knowledge of practical application in the laboratories.

Civil Engineering

The department is running with excellent labs such as

  • Survey laboratory
  • Fluid mechanics laboratory
  • Transportation laboratory
  • Concrete and soil testing laboratory
  • Strength of materials laboratory
  • Structural engineering laboratory
  • Environmental engineering laboratory

Students conduct practical’s for which highly qualified staff and faculty is engaged. The civil engineering department has eminently qualified, competent, dedicated, and well experienced faculty. The student are also taken on educational trips to various projects such as Hathnikund Barrage, Bhakra Dam, Ropar Canal Head Works and other places of interest for learning at the sites. Samples of soil and water are collected and accepted for testing of their quality. Never the less, the civil engineering department in Universal Group of Institutions is going to become as asset in adjoining area.

civil engineers true nation builders

If infrastructure forms the backbone of any nation, then Civil Engineers can be truly termed as Nation Builders. Building roads, making new flyovers, constructing dams are some of important tasks undertaken by Civil Engineers which can be linked directly to progress of any nation at global arena. With the changing times and new technologies being introduced in the field of construction, the role of Civil Engineers has evolved a lot. Today’s Civil Engineers are not only confined to supervisor’s role but also lays blueprint by using the modern technology & techniques to make impossible project a reality. Delhi Metro is best example of extreme engineering and is considered to be one of the finest marvels constructed by Civil Engineers of India. Who would have imagined that a Mass Public Transportation System could be constructed in the unplanned locations of Delhi, where even it is difficult to take a car from one location to another? But with the use of technology and hard thinking of Civil Engineers, Delhi Metro is running successfully and the project has truly turned out to be Pride of India.

Civil Engineers

The scope of Civil Engineering as a profession has increased manifold as the engineers are now involved from the first stage of planning of a new project. Besides checking the physical & economic feasibility of any project, the Civil Engineers are involved in preparing the roadmap right from finding the suitable land for the project till the completion. The job opportunities for Civil Engineers can be ascertained by the specialization they choose.

Civil Engineering

Some of the Specializations or Sub-Disciplines where a Civil Engineering student can look for career:- 

1 Coastal engineering

2 Construction engineering

3 Earthquake engineering

4 Environmental engineering

5 Forensic engineering

6 Geotechnical engineering

7 Materials science and engineering

8 Outside plant engineering

9 Structural engineering

10 Surveying

11 Transportation engineering

12 Municipal or urban engineering

13 Water resources engineering

Job Prospects for Civil Engineers in India by 2022

The Government of India is undertaking Smart Cities Mission, where it plans to develop 100 futuristic cities all over the country making them technology driven, citizen friendly and sustainable. Under the project spread over five years all of the Indian states and Union territories will get at least one city by 2022. Budget will be given by the central and state government with a total funding of ₹98,000 crore (US$15 billion) which has been sanctioned by Indian Cabinet for the development of 100 smart cities and rejuvenation of 500 others.

With Government of India undertaking new projects like Smart City, building new Airports, Seaports and Railway Stations along with strengthening the road infrastructure in the entire country, the demand for Civil Engineers will shoot-up by 20% by 2022. According to a report of Government of India, it is estimated that more than 1.2 million jobs would be created by 2022 in the field of Civil Construction. Further the Government of India’s ambitious plan to provide affordable housing for all will give a boost to real estate sector and as result an additional demand of 50,000 Civil Engineers would be created in the urban and rural housing sector.

btech civil engineering career future

Civil Engineering is among the oldest and the most demanding engineering filed and similarly offers most remunerating career choices. Students with insane enthusiasm for designing and building, along with brilliant knowledge in Mathematics and computers, can achieve a successful carrier in the field of Civil Engineering.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering includes planning and dealing with various development ventures. A civil engineer can be engaged with making everything from a little bridge to an extravagant private residential complex. Civil Engineers practices into a variety of range for example coastal areas, environment, infrastructure, transportation, urban design and water resources. Nowadays many MNCs offer attractive salary and packages for Civil engineers. But before getting a good job a students must have a graduate or postgraduate degree in the field of civil engineering.

Eligibility and Courses 

The minimum qualification to get enrols for civil engineering courses in India is 10+2 with physics, chemistry and mathematics. First years includes the basic engineering subjects along with engineering design and mathematics. Subject likes Ceramics & Cement Technology, Construction Technology, Design of Structures, Fluid Mechanics, Geo Informatics, Geotechnical Engineering, Highway Technology, Remote Sensing, Soil Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Transportation Engineering, Water Resources Engineering added later.

Job Opportunities

There is a gigantic demand of Civil Engineers in our country. The field is rising with the introduction of new technology. Both public and private sectors companies hire Civil Engineers. Truth to be told, the industry saw a deficiency of huge numbers of Civil Engineers.  Hence, there is a positive sign for the pursuing students.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers can be selected by Consultancy Firms, Government Departments, Housing and Urban Development, Industrial Plants & Building, Power Plants, Private and Public Sector Undertakings, Real Estate Societies, Teaching Institutions, Transportation etc.

Civil Engineering

Top organizations employing Civil Engineers are Ajay Kadam Association, Antant Access, Associated Engineering Consultants, Balaji Railroad Systems Ltd., Dr. Kelkar Consultants Pvt Ltd., DRDO, Hiranandani Construction Pvt. Ltd., ISRO,  IVRCL Infrastructure & Projects Ltd., Jaypee Group, Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Macro Marvel Infrastructure Corporation Ltd. , Railways, Engineers India Ltd., RDS Projects Ltd.,   SERC, Simplex Projects Ltd., Vadakar and Associates etc.

Job profile

Any applicant with a degree in Civil Engineering can be selected as:-

  • Assistant Manager
  • Building Control Surveyor
  • Building Services Engineer
  • Consulting Civil Engineer
  • Deputy Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Director of Public Works
  • Engineering Geologist
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Independent Consultants
  • Materials Engineer
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Researchers
  • Senior Engineer
  • Site Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Sustainability Consultant
  • Water Recourse Engineer


civil engineering 2

The field of Civil Engineering incorporates designing, development and maintenance of the structures, roads, railways, airport, malls and different others structure. The students who have completed civil engineering courses are responsible for planning, designing, execution and maintenance of the projects at an expected level. The students who are planning to enroll for civil engineering courses must have sharp expository and thinking mind. They ought to have great communication skills to communicate with his colleagues and seniors for the effective execution of the project.

Civil Engineering

Courses and Eligibility

The general course for Civil Engineering is of 4 years for B.E or B.Tech student. Students may also apply for Diploma courses which are of 2 to 3 years. Before taking admission to civil engineering curses students must have to qualify the entrance exam conducted by CBSE and other Universities in India.  The minimum eligibility for B.tech Civil Engineering Courses is 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.  During the course tenure students learn Fundamentals of structures, Irrigation Engineering, Project Management, Hydraulics, Cost Transportation Engineering etc.

Civil Engineering

Along with the traditional Civil Engineering courses several new courses like neural network, artificial Intelligence, Finite Element Analysis, Structural Engineering etc. are also offered by many universities in India.

Civil Engineering College

Universal Group Of Institutions one of the best Civil Engineering Colleges in Punjab offers World Class Infrastructure, Unique Industry Focused Academic Learning methodology.  It is a private engineering college near Chandigarh where every student is given ample opportunity to recognize his or her strength and then given a platform to develop them as potential.

Career and Job Prospects
Civil Engineering students are responsible for Planning, Designing, Execution and Maintenance of the projects. MNC’s like L & T, JP, Lanco Infratech, Reliance Infrastructure limited, GMR Infrastructures, IVRCL, HCC, Gammon India, SAIL etc. hires Civil Engineering as Architects, Civil Engineering Technicians, Construction Managers, Environmental Engineers, Landscape Architects, Mechanical Engineers, Surveyors, Urban and regional planners etc.

civil engineers architects of modern world

Civil Engineering Best Colleges in Punjab

Civil Engineering is a field which is confined to planning and execution of futuristic projects in the construction industry. As the world progresses new technologies have been introduced in the field of construction and Civil Engineering that has led to creation of modern day marvels that have turned out to be stamp of the progressive society. Due to rapid industrialization and urbanization the demand for trained professionals Civil Engineers in the industry have increased over a period of time.

Civil Engineers

According to a recent survey conducted by Government of India, the various infrastructure development projects planned which have been proposed to be completed by 2021 would create 1.2 million new jobs in the sector of Civil Engineering.

Civil Engineering

The Evergreen field of Civil Engineering has always been in demand as many Multi-National companies like DLF, Caterpillar, L&T , Jaypee , GMR , have ventured into public private partnership to develop various infrastructure such as Airports , Flyovers , National Highways , Railway  Stations , Shopping Malls. The government has proposed to invest Rs. 64000 Crores in the infrastructure to develop world class facilities in the country during the current Financial Year. As a result there would be a jump of 52% in number of jobs in the Civil Engineering sector during the next five years. As a student if you have an inclination towards the field of Designing then Civil Engineering offers lucrative career options after 10+2.

Civil Engineering

The various career options after completing four year Under Graduate degree in Civil Engineering comprises of:-

  • Building Control Surveyor
  • Consulting Civil Engineer
  • Contracting Civil Engineer
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Pattern Attorney
  • Site Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Water Engineer

Apart from private sector companies the Civil engineers can avail employment opportunities in public sector departments such as P.W.D. , NHAI , BRDO , Indian Railways , DMRC etc.

civil engineering

Civil engineers are in charge of designing, assembling and responsible for managing the entire process of developing public and private facilities.  Constructions of roads, expressway, dams, bridges, shopping mall, tunnels, airports, water treatment plants are the few example of Civil Engineering.   It is additionally the duty of these engineers to supervise the overall performance and execution of the projects and also provide the guidelines to the personnel who involved in the project.  While these engineers have enormous obligations to keep, there are such a significant number of other great motivations to become civil engineers.

Civil Engineering


There are various courses offered by Indian institutions and universities in the field of Civil engineering.

Diploma in Civil Engineering

It is a 3 years course in the field of Civil Engineering, a candidate must have passed class 10th from government recognized board to get admission in diploma level courses.

B.E or B.Tech in Civil Engineering

It is a 4 years bachelor degree program offered by various institutions in India. Candidates who are willing to take admission in B.tech courses must have pass class 12th from government recognised board and must have physics, chemistry, Maths as the main subjects.

M.Tech in Civil Engineering

It is a 2 years post graduate programme in the field of civil engineering.  Candidates who are willing to take admission for M.tech courses must have a valid degree in engineering from the government recognised University.

Civil Engineering

Career Scope

There is immense demand of Civil Engineers in India. The demand of Civil engineers would get a lift as our country is ready to update its infrastructure.  So, the career scope is very bright. The engineers involved in Civil Engineers may work in both private and public sectors. The profession opens a considerable measure of chances in various government offices. Civil Engineers are utilized in all significant development ventures did by government organizations. A noteworthy opening for qualified structural engineers is additionally in military where they can make crucial commitment to the security of the nation. Last however not the minimum you can set up your own particular building consultancy.

Job profile

  • Coastal and Ocean Engineer
  • Construction Engineer
  • Earthquake Engineer
  • Environment Engineer
  • Hydraulic Engineer
  • Material Engineer
  • Site Supervisor Engineer
  • Transportation Engineer
  • Urban Planner Engineer

Top Companies

Larsen and Tubro , Ajay Kadam Association, Vadakar and Associates, Antant Access , Subhash projects and Marketing Ltd., Balaji Railroad Systems Ltd., Simplex Projects Ltd., Dr. Kelkar Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Expert Technology , Associated Engineering, RDS Projects Ltd., Gammon India Ltd., Potential Consultants , Hiranandani Construction Pvt.Ltd., IVRCL Infrastructure & Projects Ltd., Nircon Engineering Consultants, Jaypee Group,Macro Marvel Infrastructure Corporation Ltd.