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Department of Engineering and Technology at Universal Group of Institutions had arranged an industrial visit of Nahar Group of companies for UG students of Mechanical Engineering. The visit was organized with the prior permission and guidance of Hon. Principal Dr. Swati Sharma and Coordinator of Mechanical Engineering Department, Mr. Munish Kainth.

Industrial Visit Universal Group Of Institutions

Details of Visit:

Nahar Group of company Is India’s one of the largest Yarn and cotton woven garment manufacturing company. This is having the state of the art of cotton garment manufacturing and testing facilities. The company manufactures a variety of products like cotton knitted garments include T-Shirts and Track and woven garments portfolio includes Shirts, Trousers, Suits, and Denims.

Students visited the Cotton Processing Unit No. 2.  After a warm welcome by company officials, Mr. Kavaldeep Verma (HR Dept.) briefed regarding the company and its product for half an hour.

Plant Manager assisted us during the visit and explained entire Cotton processing and testing process in details. Students visited the Design, Raising, Scouring, Calendaring, Bleaching, Shrinking, Dyeing, Testing and Printing sections and observe the complete manufacturing process of Cotton.

Students understood the technical aspects of manufacturing yarn of varieties of designs, quality and the working of the machines being used for production. The production planning and scheduling activities were found interesting by the students. They also collected information on the company’s efforts on product innovations, productivity improvement and cost reduction. They enhance their knowledge about the safety regulations and practices being followed.

The session was concluded with Question- Answer session. Many of the students asked different questions to the Technical Head on current demanding technologies, market scenarios etc. and he cleared all the doubt and myths which was in students mind about the technologies. All students were satisfied after the session.

It was an informative, interesting and a Successful visit. Department express thanks to the Technical Head and all team members of Nahar Group of Companies, Who spent their valuable time for students.


industrial visit central scientifics instruments organization csir csio chandigarh

CSIR - CSIO Chandigarh

On 26th September 2017, CSE/ECE/EE/Applied Science department of Universal Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) organized an Industrial visit to Central Scientifics Instruments Organization (CSIR – CSIO), Chandigarh.

CSIR - CSIO Chandigarh

The total students (150+) were acquainted with emerging technologies. Under the guidance of  Dr. Amod Kumar(Chief Scientist and head) and Mr. Upendara students  were made aware about skills required for jobs 3-D printers, Fiber/Laser Optics based Sensors & Instrumentation,  Analytical Instrumentation, Advanced Materials based Transducers etc.

CSIR - CSIO Chandigarh

Large number of instruments ranging from simple to highly sophisticated ones, have been designed and developed by the Institute and their know- hows have been passed on to the industry for commercial exploitation. Students got to know about the recent projects and services are currently working on that helped them to have exposure of environment of industry and their work culture.

industrial visit universal engineering college punjab students


To Develop interest of student on project Based Learning and introduce them to latest developments Science

engineering college punjab

An Industrial Visit to the Pushpa Gujral Science City Kapurthala was organised by the DEPARTMENT OF APPLIED SCIENCE of Universal Group of Institutions. This trip was organised on 4rth March 2017 for the 2nd SEM students of B.Tech. Applied Science.

Universal Engineering College Punjab

Approximately, hundred students visited the place along with faculty members. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, Ms. Shipra Sharma Ms. Priyanka Patial, and Mr. Nitin (ECE) guided students during the trip. This Visit started around 6 a.m. from our Campus and finished by 11 p.m. at same after boarding off the student at their respective station.

Universal Engineering College Punjab

Pushpa Gujral Science City offers a blend of education, curiosity and fun to ensure longer and repeated visits. The project is aimed at cultivating an interest in science through open-ended exploration away from text books and black boards, with a scientific approach to problem solving. The project has something for everyone, regardless of age, education, profession or social strata and is intended to make science accessible to people who are not part of the formal education system.

Universal Engineering College Punjab

Students enjoyed the roller coaster rides in the flight simulator, watching the visually stunning 3-D shows, Laser show and a special show, ‘The Wonders of the Universe’, in the dome-shaped theatre. The children also went to the `Dinosaurs Park’ where models of various dinosaurs were displayed. The final stop was the Solar Power House where solar-powered scientific inventions, like `The wind turbine generator’, `solar toy train’ etc, were displayed.

Universal Engineering College Punjab


Student learned about new ideas of science and they were excited after watching latest projects and developments. The visit was completed successfully after meeting the objective of providing exposure to the students.