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Universal group of institutions was opened in 2009 and since the past decade, the college has provided the best talents to the nation and process is still on. Students from various parts of India are coming here for higher studies and lots of them are now settled in multinational companies. All graduation and post graduation courses are being provided by the institution and MBA is one of them. MBA means masters in Business Application and students who want to set up their carrier in the management department of corporate sectors can go for the course. Theexcellent result has been given by the college hence they are one of the reputed MBA College in Chandigarh

The college has introduced this course with a motto to create best managers who can manage the professionally as well as personally. Here we teach the concepts of management based on professional content and also with that management of society, management of life, management of time, etc also been taught. So to get a fully fledged knowledge check out all the details at the web portal of Universal group of Institutions and we are sure that your search for MBA College in Chandigarh Punjab will stop here only.

The College focuses on various programs in order to provide proper content to an individual because we understand the value of time of a student which he or she is giving here also the expectations of the family members. Hence if you are still browsing for the MBA College in Chandigarh then go to the website of the university and see what our past students speak about us? You will be really surprised by seeing the hard work of the management and as a result of which Universal group of institution is the golden name in the best MBA College in Chandigarh Punjab.

Some of the facilities which are being practiced by the Universal group of institution is like

Business Application Software laboratory: A well maintained and equipped labs are designed to provide proper knowledge to the students so that they could be demonstrated in a practical way.

Communication Skills Laboratory: Communication is something which plays a very important role in one’s career. We understand the value of it and hence emphasize more on the same. Placement cell organizes various tests in order to improve the communication and it is done in the laboratory itself.

Group Discussion and Business Debate Workshop: Various workshops are organized by the college so that people could get aware of the current business module. Where the economic condition is moving? What is the current business model? These kinds of discussions are carried out and we also organize debates to increase thinking ability of an individual.

Audio Video theatre: To enhance the listening and understanding skill, audio video theater has been placed through which a student can create a visual of the story and understand the things as per the mindset.

From all these activities you can understand the contribution of the universal group of institution towards the career of students and that is they are the best MBA college in Chandigarh Punjab.

Duration of course and Eligibility to get admission in MBA

MBA that is Masters in Business Application is of 2 years course. Those students who have completed their degree of bachelor can apply for the course of MBA. The bachelor’s degree should be from any of the reputed colleges.

Universal group of institution is offering MBA is below mentioned streams:

MBA finance: If an individual is having interest in finance sector where he will be required to check all finances (incoming and outgoing funds) of the corporate, then he or she can complete the Masters in finance. This is one of the demanding sectors as per the current market figure.

MBA Marketing: Marketing means promotion. So the persons who are willing to promote the products or services of any organization can go for MBA marketing. People must have excellent convincing power and communication skill in order to get the best results.

MBA HR: It means, MBA in Human Resource. This stream deals with the supply of resources to the organization. Like HR of an organization is responsible for the hiring of staff, firing of staff, salary management, etc. hence those who have administrative power and can work like this, then they can opt for MBA in HR.

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If we discuss for career opportunities then, by doing MBA one will have a chance of becoming a Project Manager, General Manager, HR Manager, CEO that is Chief executive officer, Business Analyst, Management Consultant, Senior Product Manager, etc. The universal group of institution is aware of all these key concepts and you need to check out all the details for MBA college in Chandigarh Punjab.

So guys without any second thought just move ahead with us and start your journey from the best MBA college in Chandigarh Punjab. You will be a shining star in the corporate sector. If in case of any query, do not hesitate in contacting us. We will love to solve your queries. Good luck

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Best MBA College in Punjab

Universal Group Of institutions is an outstanding educational institute near Chandigarh, Punjab which offers various career oriented courses. It is considered as one of the best MBA college In Punjab, Chandigarh and Mohali. Business school at Universal Group of Institutions has been effectively giving quality management education and creating committed and imaginative professionals.

Best MBA College in Punjab

Business School at Universal Group of Institutions offers 2 years MBA course which is approved by AICTE, New Delhi and Government of Punjab. The institute is affiliated to PTU (Punjab Technical University), Jalandhar. The courses are intended to cover the entire extent of management subjects, while concentrating on innovation, management skills, business enterprise and strategies.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA is a Postgraduate degree that is granted to the students who have master degree in business administration. It is a globally perceived professional degree, which intends to create abilities required for professions in business management. It is additionally considered as the most significant and regarded degrees. There are many sorts of MBA alternatives available, like Marketing, Finance, Accounts, HR, IT etc.

Universal Group Of institutions

Why MBA?
The scope of MBA degree is incomparable. An MBA degree holder not only gets alluring packages at the starting level, but also gets choices or numerous doors of different organisation opens for him. The value of the MBA holder is not just restricted to the business world but he/she can pursue a decent job in government and public sector organisations also. They have boundless open doors waiting.

Advantages OF MBA:

There are several key preferences for doing MBA:-

  • Differing Education
  • Be a specialist and earn awesome money
  • Begin your own business
  • Enormous Job openings
  • Learn skills that are relevant until the end of time
  • Nice Pay Package
  • Professional success and promotion opportunities
  • Work inclination is given to MBA holders

Why to Universal Business School for MBA Course?

Universal Group Of institutions
Universal Business School offers proficient education to the students from all edges of the nation. Students from different States like Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir love to learn in this professional environment because of the following highlights:-

  • Business intelligence
  • Group discussion skills
  • Guest lectures
  • Lectures through practical demonstrations
  • Management games
  • Mock interviews
  • Personality development exercises
  • Soft skills

mba degree add value to your education

Management education plays an essential role in today’s dynamic business environment. The rapid trend of globalization and technological changes has made it difficult for organisations to survive in the competitive world. As a result the importance of management education has increased manifold. Business executives need to update their skills due to sudden changes in the external environment. Due to the increasingly complex nature of organisations and businesses, MBA(Master Of Business Administration) Colleges need to impart relevant, current, and cutting edge knowledge to the students.


Management education adds value to the students with any existing qualification. It helps students irrespective of their domains in graduation as it widens their knowledge base and encourages them to think differently. It enhances managerial and leadership skills by sharing of ideas, insights through healthy, meaningful and case study discussions.

Having students from diverse cultural backgrounds also adds value as there is probability of generating multiple ideas.

A two year regular degree program in MBA aims to make the student proficient in various subjects such as management, finance, economics and business studies. In the first year of an MBA the main focus is on giving students a brief idea about various subjects. Towards the end of the first year students are introduced to a specialized area of their choice. Choosing a specialization can be a difficult process. It is very important for student to consider their career goals before making the final decision. A number of B-schools are now offering specialized courses and the changing needs of business have also given rise to several new niche areas.

Here’s a look at some of the traditional as well as new options available to MBA aspirants:

Traditional Specializations: Finance, Marketing, HR (Human Resource), IT

Emerging Areas: Financial Engineering, Retail, Tourism & Hospitality Management, Digital Marketing, Financial Management, International Business

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MBA College in Punjab

 Universal Business School the best MBA College in Punjab is an institute that aims at creating leaders in the spheres of management The Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme is affiliated to PTU and approved by AICTE, New Delhi. The MBA degree offered by Universal Group of Institutions stands in a class by itself. It is professional, very demanding, and highly successful Post graduate degree programme. MBA Programme proliferates today in response to the demand made for it by university graduates who decide that such a degree will enhance their career potential.

Universal Business School

The association of the student is aggregate, and guidelines of academic execution are to a great degree in light of necessities of corporate world. The interest for MBAs with respect to multinational and Indian organizational, business and financial elements has always outpaced the quantity of graduates accessible. Universal Group of Institutions keeps on searching for incredibleness in each part of its activities to transform the students into pioneers of tomorrow who will earn fame and respect for themselves as well as for their Institution and country.

Universal Business School

Department of business administration at Universal Group of Institutions offers a well structured placement service to its students. Counselling is given by faculty members on career choices and opportunities and what career trends are likely to be. The study of management is all about devising ways to manage the increasing complexities of the business process. UBS offers two year post graduate business management programme to prepare the students into the world of emerging managers.

Elective Specializations

Faculty Profile

Universal Group of Institutions has the most sincere and finest working personalities. Dedication, truthfulness and proceeding with compassion of our teaching force are mentally, sincerely converted into expanded accomplishment of students and satisfaction of all guardians discovering its way through each placement and appointment. The top notch personnel are accessible for teaching as well as for all round personality development.

Universal Business School


  • Business Application Software Lab
  • Communication Skill Lab
  • Administrators Club
  • Group Discussion & Business Debate Workshop
  • Management Association
  • Public Speaking Therapy
  • Audio Visual Theater

Interactive Learning Approach

The MBA Department has gotten inventive methodologies in its teaching methodology and student development.

MBA College in Punjab

All endeavours are coordinated towards setting up the students as the corporate experts. The students are given proficient training on:

  • Industrial Visits
  • Business Intelligence
  • Group discussion Skills
  • Guest Lectures
  • Lectures through Practical Demonstrations
  • Management Games
  • Mock Interviews
  • Personality Development Exercises
  • Soft Skills