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Department of mechanical engineering is very well established for imparting education to the B.Tech students. The faculty members are well qualified, having rich experience in teaching and sufficient practical knowledge to elaborate their assignments of teaching and research. Projectors in the classrooms, charts in the workshop, working models in the laboratories are frequently used to make the subject comprehensive to the students. The Mechanical Engineering department engages B.Tech students for theory in well maintained classrooms, for tutorials and academic guidance in the tutorial rooms and for subject practical’s in the respective laboratories.

Mechanical Engineering


The laboratories in the department are as follows.

  • Strength of Materials laboratory
  • Theory of Machines laboratory
  • Fluid Mechanics laboratory
  • Heat Transfer laboratory
  • Mechanical Measurement & Metrology laboratory
  • Automobile Enginnering. Laboratory
  • Applied Thermodynamics laboratory
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning laboratory
  • CAD/CAM laboratory


Department possesses a full-fledged workshop which occupies a large area where all the concerned shops have been housed. In the shops various practical oriented activities (such as turning, thread-cutting in machine shop and the similar in foundry, welding, carpentry, fitting, sheet-metal, etc.) are performed.

mechanical engineering

The whole workshop is segmented into bays for smooth working. Sufficient tools have been provided in each shop for the course of workshop practice and manufacturing processes. Students and staff remain on shop floor for learning manufacturing processes to increase productivity.

Workshop instructors have been assigned for each shop. They help the students in operating and producing jobs assigned to them as per course curriculum. Power operated equipment has been provided with safety devices and other measures.

  • Carpentry Shop
  • Machine Shop
  • Fitting Shop
  • Sheet Metal Shop
  • Welding Shop
  • Foundry Shop
  • Electrical Shop