gst on education

The Government has said education won’t end up plainly costly under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) that was implemented on 1st July 2017. School education and the services given to instructive organizations are absolved from tax under GST.  There is no change made in any matter related to education, except to diminish tax rate on specific items related of education, for example, school bag and so on.


National scheme like Mid-day meal, housekeeping, security, Cleaning performed in the instructive institutions up to higher secondary classes are excluded from goods and services tax. Services like school admission and examination are also excluded under GST.  Facilities provided to students, teachers and staff like transportation up to higher school education are also excluded under GST.  Mid-day meals and other catering services provided in Central Government Schools, State Government Schools and Union territory Schools upto higher secondary classes are excluded under goods and services tax.

Accordingly, education up to Higher Secondary School level does not endure GST and furthermore on the majority of the vital services. A portion of the services like canteen, transport provided by private players to instructive foundations were liable to benefit impose in pre-GST period and the same is proceeded in GST regime.

Moreover, services by Charity related to the development and growth of skills for destitute, orphaned, abandoned, mentally or physically disabled, students and persons are also excluded under goods and services tax.

There may be chances that education for certificate courses could go up as input tax credit is accessible for essential education. Any foundation providing education above higher secondary where degree is not perceived under law would not have the capacity to assert input credit