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For all the who want to be topmost pharmacy professionals there are plenty of options as there are various courses that are offered by the way of diploma and degrees . So the students always confused  as to which course he or she should take up that is best suited to him or  her .It all depends on individual preferences as all the diploma and degree courses have their own advantages. Basically the students have to choose between a degree and diploma courses . it all depends on ones preference and circumstances though but D pharmacy appears to be the best option for such students as this course will virtually covers everything that is there in a degree course plus it will also give you an extra knowledge of the basic techniques and advanced tools of pharmacy .You can opt for this diploma after 12th class.

Universal Group of Institutions an authority in quality education offers D pharmacy diploma course that is the best in the region, the salient features of this include infrastructure staff and dedicated case studies and innovative research and development. The emphasis is laid o hand on learning as the students are provided practical training here and they are encourage for more and more research and development. For this there interaction is made at the regular intervals with the eminent personalities from pharmacy industry so that students may be updated of all the latest trends in industry and have a clear insight into it

Apart from all this what makes the Universal Institute of Pharmacy the best college in Punjab and Haryana is that UGI has got great tie ups with the leading pharmaceutical companies so as soon as the student finish their diplomas they are immediately taken up by the top most firms right from campus by drive by leading who are always in search of best professional across streams.

 So if you are at the cross roads as to which course to join or which institute to go for then it should be clear by now that the D pharmacy course offered by Universal Institute of Pharmacy  a prime wing of Universal Group of Institutions which has the legacy of top class education in not just Punjab and Chandigarh but in north India itself is the best pharmacy course for you.

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”

Nothing  is Impossible as the saying goes the word impossible says itself  that  I m possible .even if the task seems impossible you should always go for it for you will never know if it was really impossible. After all what is impossible something that has never been done or achieved before but then there is a first time to everything. So always give it a short because whatever you dream is always on other side of the horizon

“You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

Never underestimate yourself. Always have full faith and trust in yourself. For  you may surprise yourself to find the talent hidden in you. You must challenge yourself and undertake an uphill task and soon you will realize that you have always been underestimating yourself and you are much more potent and capable than you always considered yourself to be.