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Admission Process for International Applicants

Step 1: Filling the Application Form

1) The applicants are advised to visit the online application at, time to time for the latest updates related to admission process.
2) The applicant has to ensure that the application form is duly filled and the documentary evidence of qualifying examination supporting the admission (if any) is also uploaded in the online application portal/Or The Qualification Documents and Academic Certificates supporting the admission to be scanned and sent to the College on the following Email:
3) In case the results have not been declared, "result awaited" should be filled in the Result Status column.
4) If the content in his/her marks sheet/ transcript is not in English, a Certified English Translated version must also be submitted in addition to the native language Certificate.

Step 2: Scholarship Eligibility Assessment

Based on the documents provided by the applicant, UGI International Admission Office will do Admission and Scholarship Eligibility Assessment of the course applied for. Scholarship will be determined as per the documents submitted by the applicant in line with the scholarship policy of UGI.

Step 3: Eligibility verification and Issuing of Conditional Offer Letter (COL)

After receiving the online application and fulfilling of due formalities by due date as required, and Scholarship Eligibility Assessment of the course applied for UGI may issue "Conditional Offer Letter" as the case may be.

Step 4: Fee payment and compliance of the condition(s)

After receiving the duly filled up Online Application form and successful eligibility assessment of documents submitted by the applicant, the University will issue Fee Invoice.

The applicant shall submit the fees in UGI Bank account and also fulfil all other condition(s) mentioned in the Offer Letter within stipulated time period. For details about payment of fee, please refer to the UGI website

Step 5: Accepting terms of Acceptance of Offer Letter (AOL) and Updating fee payment information

1) The student has to ensure that he/she has read and understood all the guidelines, policies and instructions as mentioned in UGI website before accepting the terms of Acceptance of Offer Letter.
2) The applicant shall send scan copy of the Acceptance of Offer Letter to UGI on the following
3) If the conditions mentioned in the Offer Letter are not met and the completed "Acceptance of Offer Letter" is not received by UGI before the last date of admission as mentioned in the admission schedule on Website, the admission will not be confirmed unless otherwise decided by UGI.

Step 6: Issuing of Acceptance Letter (AL) For Visa Application

1) After receiving and verifying the "Acceptance of Offer Letter" (AOL), fulfillment of all the conditions as mentioned in the "Offer Letter" and Confirmation of Fee Transfer by the student through e-mail, the university will issue and upload the "Acceptance Letter" (AL).
2) The applicant can download his Acceptance Letter available in his online application portal.
3) The Acceptance Letter issued by the University can be used for applying the Indian Student visa. Offer Letter cannot be used to apply for the Indian Student Visa.
4) The applicant should apply for the student visa at the nearest Indian High Commission/ Indian Embassy. The application for Visa should be supported by all the relevant documents.
Note:- It generally takes 3-6 weeks to get the Indian Visa. Thus it is advisable to apply for the visa accordingly and consult the Indian High Commission/ Indian Embassy in the concerned country.

Step 7: Admission Microsite

To visit your Admission Microsite Click Here and logon with your form number and password printed on the application form. After you logon to your microsite for the first time please change the password, keep it safe and confidential.

On your microsite you can,

• Check whether your Form has been received or not.

• Check the Registration Status of your Form.

• Check whether you have been short-listed for the Admission Procedure.

• Check your selection status.

• Get soft copy of your admission letter.

• Get confirmation of fee payment after you have paid the fees.

Step 8: Reporting at the UGI Campus

1) The student shall report at UGI Campus before the last date of reporting as mentioned in the Offer Letter or as available on UGI website and intimate about his/her arrival at least 7 days before reaching to the campus.
2) In case, student reports at UGI after the last date of admission, he/she has to take special approval for it and shall have to give an undertaking that he/she will not claim any benefit related to loss in attendance, marks, or CA.

Step 9: FRRO and Medical Exam Certificate

1) The FRRO is mandatory for all Foreign nationals (except the students from Nepal and Bhutan) studying in India. The FRRO has to be completed within 14 days of arrival in India and the student has to provide a copy of the FRRO for UGI records. For more information related to FRRO you may visit the following website:

The following documents are required at the time of registration with the Foreigners Registration Officer:

• Photocopy of Passport and visa.

• Four Photographs.

• Details of Residence in India.

• HIV / AIDS Test Report from one of the WHO recognized Institutions.

• Provisional Admission Letter from UGI in support of your student visa

2) Bhutanese & Nepalese nationals shall be required to Register Form S under FSIS processing. This is Mandatory for all International students from Nepal and Bhutan.

3) Submission of Medical Test Report within a week from the date of admission from a Registered Medical Practitioner.

For more details or for any kind of assistance, contact: 0172-2272011 or write at