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Electronics & Communication Engineering

The Electronics & Communication Engineering is a kaleidoscopically changing and ever evolving branch. Innovation, orientation and an ever expanding base serve as a firm foundation for the edifice of the latest development in the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering. The Department has well equipped laboratories with the latest of kits and equipments available so as to give practical hand on experience to our students. The equipments available in the laboratories are upgraded as an ongoing process so as to keep pace with the latest developments in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering. An effort is made to groom these students not only to become successful Electronics & Communication Engineers but also top notch professionals. The Department makes ceaseless efforts to ensure that knowledge of the faculty is also updated regularly by arranging Seminars, Faculty Development Programs in the college as well as by sending them to attend Seminars and Conferences to outside Institutions.


The Department is well equipped with specialized laboratories which provide expertise and facility to work on embedded design, mobile communication, electromagnetic compatibility, electronic circuit design and testing, PCB design, VLSI design and image processing etc. The department has well established Basic & Advanced Electronics, Digital Electronics, Analog communications, Microprocessor, VHDL & simulation, Digital communications , Microwavesand Instrumentation labs.

• Electronics Devices and Circuits laboratory

• Electronic Measurement &Instrumentation laboratory

• Analog Electronics laboratory

• Digital Electronics laboratory

• Control System laboratory

• Linear Integrated Circuits

• Digital Signal Processing laboratory

• Microwave Engineering

• Micro Controller

• Microprocessor laboratory

Course NameDurationNo of seats
Electronics & Communication Engg. (ECE)4yrs.60 seats