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Computer Science & Engg.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has been established to cater the growing needs of computer science in IT industry. Department aims to provide students an overview of computing, an understanding of the concepts, principles and skills in their application and extension, and practical experience in applied computing. Special emphasis is laid on the fundamental principles underlying computing and on developing an understanding of the engineering considerations involved in computing system design, implementation and usage. The course provides a background in the basic mathematics of computing logic, sets, relations and grammars.

Successfully completing the B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering program equips students with a career in software engineering or pursuing a higher degree. A variety of focus areas allow each student to customize his learning to target a wide variety of career options such as:

• Research in Computer Science.

• Applying computational techniques to solving problems in other basic and applied science (physics, chemistry, biosciences, electrical engineering, etc.).

• Developing scientific and mathematical software.

• System software development such as device drivers and operating system.

• Commercial software development.

• Embedded systems.

• Mobile application development.

• Industrial process control.

• Bioinformatics.

• IT and mathematics applications in finance.

• IT-assisted education.

Focus Areas

• Emphasis on live projects C++, JAVA, C#, .NET, PHP etc.

• Extensive work experience on Unix, Linux and Window 2000 platforms.

• Exposure to new technologies like ATM Tech., neural network and expert system.

• Performance Tuning in Computer Networks.

• Imbibing scientific temperament and moral values.

• Emphasis on CISCO laboratories

Course NameDurationNo of seats
Electronics & Communication Engg. (ECE)4yrs.60 seats